We’ve put together a little holiday gift guide with quality products in mind that support good health and well-being. We’ve looked to our Ayurvedic Practitioners, Partners and Etsy.com to curate a wholesome list of ideas for the Ayurveda lover and yogi in your family!
Take a look…

HANDMADE ORGANIC SOAP (featured above)

il_170x135.378719988_2dpeUnearth Malee’s organic soaps are palm oil free, vegan, and rain forest friendly. They are handmade in Claremont, CA and are wrapped in flower-seeded paper which blooms when planted. We are coveting their Himalayan Rose Salt bar and Turmeric Patchouli bar (both pictured above).
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A perfect winter-survival product. Banyan Botanicals Nasya Oil is certified organic and contains brahmi, skullcap, calamus and eucalyptus essential oil in a base of sesame and olive oils. Use it for dry nasal passages, congestion and concentration. A few drops in each nostril morning and evening. Not for use by pregnant women.
Nasya Oil, 1 oz
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For your hard working family and friends give an indulgent, heaven on earth experience that promotes overall health of body and mind. Gift abhyanga (ayurvedic massage), netra basti, or shirodhara to relieve stress and encourage balance. Contact us to find a practitioner near you. Email info@AyurvedaNextDoor.com.





Massage is an integral part of the Ayurvedic way of healthy living as the appropriate infused herbal oils can do wonders to bring balance to body and mind. Banyan Botanicals Massage Oils are dosha-specific. Choose Vata, Pitta or Kapha (4 oz), or blend two of your primary dosha oils together.
$10.95 each
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greencowlAccording to Ayurvedic practitioner and Doctor of Oriental Medicine Sharada Hall, protecting the neck from the cold weather is important to staying well through the winter season.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that external pathogens are carried on the wind and that they enter our bodies at the back of our necks. The acupuncture points that are located at the base of our skull and along the spine down our neck and upper back are all used to “expel wind” – in other words, to treat a cold. So protecting that area when you’re out in the wind is actually a very effective measure to take to prevent catching a cold! – How To Avoid Catching a Wind, by Dr. Sharada Hall

These Organic Cotton Cowls are handmade in Brooklyn, NY by Suzanne at ‘Peacock and Pineapples’.
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An a-z guide of common conditions and ailments, kitchen cupboard remedies and tips for when to ‘see the doctor’. A great companion for the natural household.
Written by Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician, BAM&S, MASc.
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Drawing from the basic principles of Ayurveda and Yoga, Freedom in Your Relationship with Food is a simple and effective guide for making food what it should be—a source of enjoyment and nourishment instead of what is killing us. The book brings the sacred back into eating and leads us on a journey to the inner place where there is peace, confidence, and love. Myra Lewin

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Myra Lewin’s second book adds to the tools for vibrant living already provided in her first book Freedom in Your Relationship with Food. These include simple, healthy, vegetarian recipes, practical tips for cooking and eating according to Ayurveda, illness prevention and recovery tips, outline of the very beginnings of any disease process and why an Ayurvedic approach can heal and restore.
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Give the gift of Panchakarma. Highly sought after by yogis and yoginis, this process can be expensive when travelling to a clinic. Here’s an affordable and safe alternative.

Ayurvedic Practitioner and Panchakarma Specialist Allison Bransfield-Morse guides you from start to finish with two 20 minute consultations and one 60 minute consultation. General guidelines are provided for self-massage with oils, kitchari (the cleansing diet), and herbs/supplements to support you during the cleanse. A gentle, nourishing process guaranteed to give you ‘education and techniques that stay with you for a lifetime’.
And you don’t have to leave your home!
Read more about this program in our blog series: DIY Cleansing.
Visit Ayurveda Vermont for more information.



shirtFrontOnly available until 9pm on December 25th, these shirts are a fundraiser to support us in our start-up phase. We have a women’s slim-fit T and a unisex T, $18.00 and $17.00 respectively. Unfortunately they will not be produced in time for the Christmas holiday. Wear your love for Ayurveda, support the Ayurveda community and a woman-owned biz!
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What’s on YOUR gift list? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Message us in the comments below.