As the Moon wanes and becomes small, unnoticeable, and empty, our bodies mirror this cycle. It is a time to hit pause, reset; to let go and cleanse.

Though in the height of summer, Ayurveda doesn’t recommend cleansing or detoxing, it is important to gently detoxify monthly, and doing so with the Moon cycles in mind is ideal. At the time of the waning Moon, eating lightly is essential. Making meals that are easy to digest, cooked with digestion in mind, and utilizing basic Ayurvedic principles, are all excellent habits to utilize during the inner waning Moon cycle.

We all need to hit reset from time to time, even if it’s not during the new Moon. Travel, stressful and hectic life styles and eating restaurant food can all wreak havoc on the digestion, immune system and the needs of the body. I notice that my body reminds me when it needs to alkalize. Maybe I’ve had too much sugar, or coffee. Or maybe traveling and eating on the run have compromised my system. When it’s really imbalanced, I will feel sluggish, dull and not energized. At my worst I may get canker soars or inflamed skin. These are tell tale signs that my body needs some green magic!

You may have other inflammatory issues appear when your body is telling you to reset and alkalize. Let it tell you when it needs you to get simple and go back to the basics. My Magic Greens recipe is one that I’ve adapted from my beloved Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra’s Green Protein recipe. He suggests adding homemade panir, for some extra protein. I rarely do that, but if you are needing a bit of protein, go for it! This simple green puree recipe will get you back in balance immediately. I especially like to make this for dinner and I notice by the next morning I feel much better- more alkalized and lighter! My dogs have always loved these Magic Greens and come running when they hear the blender. Try sharing with your furry friend and see what they think.

Magic Greens Recipe
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.21.43 PMPut 5 to 6 leaves of washed greens into a large soup pot. Use a variety- from collards, kales, chard and a few hand fulls of baby spinach. Diversity is key. I also like to add some chunks of zucchini (this adds soma and is great for pittas especially in the summer) and some green beans if I have them. It goes without saying, but be sure to use organic produce.Add two cups of spring water (ideally a natural source with a PH above 7.5 and high in mineral content) then bring greens and water to a gentle boil. Flash steam for 1-2 minutes. Then remove from heat immediately. Greens should not be overcooked nor undercooked. They should remain green in color but not be raw.Pour greens and water into a blender. Add 4 to 5 stems of cilantro (blood purifier) or parsley if you have it. Add two tablespoons high grade olive oil, salt (I like Vaidya Mishra’s Soma Salt), and your personal Ayurvedic churna (spice mixture), plus a squeeze of lime (the enzymes help the digestion process).If you don’t have a personal spice recommendation from your Ayurvedic doctor, use Vaidya Mishra’s Mum’s Masala available here. The spice mixture really is an essential ingredient as it gently detoxes, promotes vitality and helps the greens digest easily.Puree the mixture until almost smooth. Pour into a bowl and enjoy!*This recipe will make enough for one large bowl and a bit extra for your animal companion or two smaller human sized bowls.Tell me what you think and how you feel after eating this! I hope your results are as magical as mine!