The new moon this month on December 11, falls in the sign of Libra in the lunar mansion of Jyestha which translates to “the eldest.” I have also heard many refer to this mansion as The Wisdom Crone Moon as people born with this placement many times become the matriarch or patriarch of the family once they learn to effectively deal with wealth and power.

This lunar mansion contains the military star Antares which can give a drive for power and honors. Venus finally moves into Libra where it is very comfortable and eases and supports relations with others. Jupiter makes a nice aspect to Mercury on December 26, making this a good day for endeavors related to learning, traveling and communicating in particular. The fire sign ascendants and moon signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will especially benefit from this special aspect.

The following new moon horoscopes are for your natal rising sign but you can read for your Moon sign as well.


Take care with your health and make sure that you get extra rest. The sun is transiting your eighth house and that is always a time of low vitality as the eighth house is our life force and the transit of the sun depletes. Romantic or business partners are more supportive at this time. You could meet someone special if you are single so keep an open heart.


Your partner has been through a tough time this year and may need to vent. Try not to react and remember to focus on the longer rhythms of the relationship. Find healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth and cut out processed sugar once and for all. Stay open to receive messages from departed love ones as they will provide great comfort to you. This could come through dreams or omens. Your spirit guides are just waiting for you to ask for assistance. If you have been thinking about getting a new pet then this is the time. It will reward you with unconditional love and affection.


Relations with family members and partners will be easier on all fronts and it is a good time to patch up old hurts or disagreements as all the benefic planets are transiting your relationship houses. Your wit and sense of humor will be at its best so turn on the charm and entertain. Hosting a holiday gathering at your home will be enjoyable for you and everyone involved. Do be extra careful to blow out candles and not overload electrical outlets though as the potential for fire is greater at this time.


There is greater potential for making money this month or even a workplace bonus. You may even choose to take an extra job for the holidays. Decorating your home and making tasteful improvements will give you the most pleasure as Venus is transiting your fourth house of home and happiness. You will feel more aggressive with your communication especially in your place of work. The tendency to “tell it like it is” will be very strong.


Creative endeavors or hobbies will consume a great deal of your free time as you are more inspired at this time. Write your ideas down as you are definitely in the flow. Do not slack on your exercise or fitness routine right now. Jupiter transiting your ascendant is great for optimism but not so great for your waistline as Jupiter expands whatever it aspects and the first house is YOU.


You are coming to the end of a cycle in which you have had more relationship issues or drama. It is time to get some closure or decide to forgive and forget. If you are single then you could meet someone with good relationship potential. This will not happen though if you are sitting at home moping over past hurts. Here’s a big hint: You could meet them at a party. Take the party invitations regardless of single or not as you will have a lot of fun. Mercury is making a pass through your fifth house. I call the fifth house “the party house” and Mercury likes to have fun.


You are very generous with yourself and others during this Holiday season. Your ruling planet Venus is transiting your first house and your confidence is at its peak. This will be a good time to update your appearance and buy something fabulous and cozy for yourself. Communication with others is easier also and you will want to reach out to people that you have not seen in a long while. Have your bags packed as an unexpected travel opportunity could present itself towards the end of the month.


With Saturn on your ascendant this past year life has seemed like all work and no play. This transit will continue for the next year but the good news is that this will serve to help you in cutting just about everything that does not contribute to your higher purpose. Be careful with new friends that come across your path this month. They may not be trustworthy. This month will be an excellent time to do some charity work and help others in need. Your dreams will be lighter in content and remind you of good past memories with others.


Unless you are the boss then it will be best to do what you are asked to do at work. You may have better ideas but you can implement them at a later time. Your higher ups could feel threatened by you and pushing your agenda could upset the balance. You will have more opportunities to get out and socialize. You are the life of the party and everyone wants you at their event. Fun loving Mercury is transiting your first house and this is a good time to pull out your festive party hat.


You could travel abroad this month or have a unique opportunity to learn about a foreign culture. You may even start to learn a new language or take a course in the Sanskrit language. You shine brightly in your career and have admiration from others for your work. If you are in a creative field then this is tenfold. A profound psychic experience could send you a jolt and help you to “see” past your five senses. Journal about this experience. Even if you do not understand it fully at the time, it will make sense later as you look back.


A female teacher or spiritual guru can have a profound impact on your life and open you up to new truths. Seeing old friends will restore your happiness and hope as you catch up and reminisce about the good times you have had. Plan a trip or gathering towards the end of the month to bring you together. An unexpected financial bonus could come your way around the New Year.


A career advancement or new opportunity could come out of the blue. There will be changes in the workplace this coming next year by any means. People are more cooperative at work and the environment is lighter. This is a good time to pitch any innovative ideas that you have been working on for people will be more receptive to them. Disappointment in love matters has you feeling down but perhaps your expectations were unrealistic in the first place.