Is it necessary for a seeker to experience samadhi? Sadhguru explains, for one who has made realization the priority, anything that does not take him closer to the goal is meaningless.

 Q: I have heard you say that people who go into long periods of meditation or samadhi states can get caught up in their own world. Can you explain this for us?

Sadhguru: Do you know, Gautama the Buddha experienced all the eight kinds of samadhis before enlightenment and discarded them. He saw this would not take him closer to realization. You just move into a higher level of experience and get more caught up. At least when you meditate now, there is pain in your legs to remind you of the present reality. There, there is no pain to remind you, which in one way is more dangerous.

Trapped in Your Own World

Many yogis have created their own worlds and been trapped in realities like this. I am going into an area which is a twilight zone, but there are many yogis who have created their own world around themselves. A yogi goes into a cave and actually creates his own universe and lives there. This is not a joke. He creates everything that he wants – his own kind of planets, his own kind of earth, his own kind of everything – and lives there very happily. A universe is contained inside the cave. You can create a whole universe in an atom’s space because “here and there” and “this much and that much” are a creation of the mind.

There are many yogis like this, but they are no closer to realization than you. He lives in a different world, that is all. He is probably more caught up than you, because he is also the creator. He has learned the art of creation. This does not become an ultimate release. This just becomes a different kind of action, a different way of doing things.

An artist draws a new world on a canvas. A yogi actually creates it. The artist’s creation is two-dimensional, whereas the yogi’s is three-dimensional. This is more deceptive. An artist can get so involved in the world he is creating that he starts believing it is true, and it is true for him. A poet believes that whatever he writes is the truth. Similarly, a painter deeply involved in what he is doing believes what he is painting is the truth. When two-dimensional things are like this, if you create three-dimensional things around yourself, you are definitely going to be more caught up with them.

Setting the Goal

Going into various states is not important. This will not lead you to liberation. We have sufficient energy to take a lot of people into samadhi states. If you want to go away like that for three or six months, it is possible, but what is the purpose? This does not lead to dissolution. It is just another kind of karma.

If the goal is set, if you have made realization the top priority in your life, then unless something takes you a step closer, it is meaningless. A man who wants to climb Mount Everest will not take one step sideways unless it is absolutely necessary. Every ounce of his energy is spent only on reaching the summit. When you want to transcend your own consciousness, you need every ounce of what you have.

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