Health is karmic by nature.

By practicing an Ayurvedic lifestyle we come into harmony with all the systems of our body, with the planet and with the universe.

Jyotish or vedic astrology can teach us how to bring our lives into harmony and Ayurvedic principles can be an important part of this.

Jyotish means: ‘light of the universe’.

Jyotish is a map of where the stars were at the moment of your birth. This map denotes your karma for this lifetime or prabhada karma. The prabhada karma is revealed in a jyotish reading or astrological chart by the position of the star signs (nakshastras), planets and zodiac signs.

The planets or grahas represent different states of consciousness. Within the zodiac sign and the nakshastras there are different types of karma as well as various spiritual lessons.

Ayuveda teaches us that the causes of 4000 diseases are related to planetary positions. A consultation with a qualified jyotish can uncover a deeper understanding of medical issues, relationships and karma.

What Can I Learn From A Jyotish Reading?

1. where the blocks are in your subtle body

2. what is affecting your consciousness

3. what health problems are yet to occur

Jyotish Remedies

Jyotish treatment in India uses precious gemstones for the planets. The remedies of gem ashes were written by Agasthya and other sages. There are also mantras related to the planets that can be repeated for their healing effect on the mind and consciousness. I have used these for my own health, which usually purifies in layers.

I struggled with health issues my entire life. Eight years ago I began working with Ayurveda as well as mantras to treat fibromyalgia. Today that illness is in remission.