Everything is karmic. Everything. The planetary influences seen in the astrology chart can show you why you have been having trouble losing weight.

For example, you may have a planet such as Jupiter as an ascendant, which is very expansive. The influence of Rahu can make it so that you are never satisfied. Mars may be weak in power not giving you enough will power.

How is this relevant? Well you can fight and you can maintain by treating symptoms. Its easier though to purify the thoughts so they never arise in the first place. Its great to pin point the exact influence so you can know the mantras you need to succeed.

We are looking for long term change. If so much energy is invested in weight loss or maintaining a body weight than that energy cannot be used for spiritual practice.


I love my weight and just want thinner thighs, or I am a guy and want to gain muscle or actually I need to gain weight.

All those influences can be seen too, and there are mantras for all of them.

This seems kind of superficial to me. All mantras go towards liberation and can create one-pointedness. All desires must be sublimated or granted.

My Guru tells a story that I am paraphrasing.

A man goes to an Enlightened Being and cries because he wants a baby girl. He already has 8 sons and is in debt because he cannot feed them all. The Swami (priest) does not want to translate his request because he thinks why does this man want another child? Should he not take care of the children he already has?

It is the Swami’s (priest’s) dharma (duty) to translate so he does. The man is very happy that the Enlightened Being heard his request. So he comes back a year later with his baby girl and asks for help with his business. The Swami asks the Enlightened Being why the focus had not been on finances to begin with. The reply was that the man’s mind was so focused on a baby girl, that it was such a strong desire that he would have been unable to focus on the business.

So do not feel that your desire is superficial. Its better to resolve it with deeper sustaining practices such as mantras and this will free your mind.

This is much better than the alternative of putting time, energy and money into something that you are always struggling to maintain and treating on the surface. On the way you will develop more peace of mind and who knows, you may even fall in love with mantras.

Lets not take our habit of judgment into our spiritual life.

If you want to know specifics of what your karma is with weight, contact me for a Jyotish (Eastern astrology) reading.

Photo courtesy of Gauri Desrochers.