With the August full Moon on the 18th, a series of very challenging planetary transits occur within an unusual eclipse portal. There isn’t a sign that won’t be touched by these challenges, though the effects will of course be different for each person.

The tight conjunction of Saturn and Mars in Scorpio has been provoking tests, lessons and all out war, since Mars began his Scorpio transit late February of this year. He has since danced back into Libra and returned to Scorpio to finish off his tempestuous battle with his enemy, Saturn.

Mars will not leave Scorpio officially until September 17th, when most of us will finally get to take a long sigh of relief.

This battle between opposing forces is occurring in the vulnerable sign of Scorpio, digging up your deepest, darkest and most challenging personal mythology. This cycle requires deep personal development work and requests your willingness for transformation and healing.

Mars and Saturn are opposite energies and are aggravating decisions, choices and actions at this time. Since the end of July, Mars and Saturn entered into the 10 degree range of each other, which increases the challenges between these warring factions.

During this intense conjunction between the planet of deep suffering and the planet of warrior action, there will also be an unusual eclipse portal occurring simultaneously.

Eclipses bring shadows to the surface and provoke a certain intensity that can’t be overlooked. Darkness must come to the light, but not without facing pain and suffering directly. This eclipse portal is especially connected to self expression and visibility. Themes will be surfacing around being seen, noticed and honored.

Understand that this is a potent cycle of moving through grief and using your grief as a resource for awakening.

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