We recently discovered two useful and fun apps that draw upon the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and connect us to the elements of nature. An educational tool in the palm of your hand connecting you with what you love and desire, health and well being.

Vastu Compass, available on Google Play and the App store, enables you to check if  your home or office is in structural harmony with the laws of nature. Tap on a direction to discover which rooms should be situated there and which best not. Go to the ‘Interior’ page to read about each room of the house and their ideal locations. The app is quite full of information.

Vastu or Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Vedic building science that provides guidelines on how your home or office should be designed and constructed. Benefits include ‘improved life’, ’empowered mind’ and ‘increased happiness’.

This app is full of Vastu tips, is fun and easy to use, and the company’s contact information is clear and easy to locate. We love using this app. We’re not surprised it’s featured as Editor’s Choice on the India iTunes App Store.

$ .99



AyurvedaClock is another app we like. This app is simple. It provides the time of day and the corresponding dosha. No more guessing. This means the opportunity for learning more about yourself in relationship to the doshas. See how the doshas in the environment change throughout the day and observe yourself. Read the daily lifestyle recommendations for tips on structuring your day for optimal health.

Free on the App Store.



Do you have any favorite apps for Ayurveda? Share with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.