It’s been about seven years that I haven’t missed my morning practices. Wherever I am in the world I find a place and a time to do them because I know their effect on me. I’ve done them at work, in bathrooms, airports, on lawns, in cars, on planes and in the houses and cars of friends and family. Yes I’m totally dedicated. And yes you can call me a fanatic, I’m okay with that. I won’t give up for anything what so greatly improves my health, well-being and relationships. I was recently invited to post on Yoga Travel Tree’s Yoga & Travel board on Pinterest and pretty quickly knew my two cents. Travel doesn’t stop me from doing my yoga practices. Ever.

Here’s why I don’t miss a day:

1. Practicing every day even when traveling keeps my doshas balanced.

Do you feel spacey after air travel? Do your ears become blocked or do you get a little dizzy? Have you experienced your body vibrating after a long drive? According to Ayurveda vata dosha is the formation of the elements of air and space. It governs all movement that happens in the body. High speed travel is likely to increase the accumulation of this dosha in the body as like increases like. To stay balanced, I continue my schedule of yoga, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation. These practices keep the nervous pathways cleansed and the immune system strong. Calm, clarity and strength reside.

2. Practicing every day keeps me centered.

Taking the time for yoga every single day keeps me connected to my center. Especially with the excitement of travel I tend to get too involved in what’s happening around me and lose my sense of self.  Yoga invites me every morning to reconnect and remember who I am.

3. Practicing every day keeps my body and mind clean.

We all know that good quality food when traveling is not always available. When junk becomes food the channels get clogged and our senses become dull. Maintaining yoga practice keeps agni (digestive power) strong and digestion at peak performance. The result is a sharp mind and keen senses.

4. I don’t want to miss out on any moments of yoga-induced bliss.

Every little moment of bliss that yoga brings me just makes my heart swell. Regardless of where I physically am, I continue the work that gives me the greatest experience of life. Why miss out on any moments that take you to the highest?

It’s actually not difficult to maintain practices when traveling. All you really need is the willingness to do so. Everything else is irrelevant. Nevertheless here are my yoga travel tips.

Carry your yoga mat with your carry-on luggage.
If it’s right there with you you’ll have no excuses. Find the airport’s meditation room and roll it out on layover. If you’re on a long flight go to the back of the plane and yes, roll it out there. Movement is so helpful when the flight is long. It maintains circulation and the flow of energy. So go ahead and do your asanas.

Travel in comfortable clothing.
Clothes that move and breathe when we do will be most comfortable and most conducive to maintaining a practice when traveling. Layer for warmth, style and comfort and very easily you’re ready for your practice.

Communicate and just do it.
Traveling with others? Let your companions know you’ll be closing your eyes for a few minutes to meditate. Give them some warning so they can plan their own activities while you go about yours.


When you’ve arrived at your destination find space for your practice and commit to it daily to maintain balance and good health. You’ll be so glad you did.