If you’re an Ayurveda lover like we are, you’ve searched page after page of Google search results for Ayurvedic practitioners, centers and schools. But maybe you were lucky to find a practitioner offline that met all of your needs. Or perhaps world-renowned author and physician Deepak Chopra was your entryway to the science and your questions were answered. Or maybe Ayurveda seemed inaccessible to you and you didn’t seek it out.

Whatever your love affair with Ayurveda, its presence in the world is growing and it’s about time that a professional, global directory emerges.

For AyurvedaNextDoor.com founder Jennifer Eddinger, after several years of living the lifestyle, following the recommended diet and searching for treatment providers and panchakarma centers online, frustration set in.

I live within one hour’s driving distance of greater Boston, MA, a large metropolitan area of over 4.5 million people. Yet even in 2010, there was no easily found online directory for locating, comparing and viewing the Ayurvedic practitioners in my local area.

That year AyurvedaNextDoor.com was born. The idea was met with resistance initially by community members and even a business coach. Jennifer was told that ‘no one was searching for Ayurveda online’ and the project was not worthwhile because it would take a long time to generate income. Income, in fact was not the goal.

It was a series of moments of profound experiences of wellness with Ayurveda and yoga that encouraged Jennifer to give back in a big way and create AyurvedaNextDoor.com.

Today AyurvedaNextDoor has over 50 contributing authors, a joyous and well-loved semi-weekly newsletter, and web developers that understand our evolving needs. We’ve grown from a small one person blog, to a team of caring contributors, developers and business people interested in sharing the wisdom and offerings of the Ayurvedic community.

Our Ayurvedic practitioners directory is live. What you’ll see over the next few months is expanded development: 4 levels of listings which include practitioner and center photos, video introduction, Google maps and all the profile information you will need.

Stay connected and see what we’re all about. We guarantee you’ll learn something here or meet someone new.

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With kind regards,

Jennifer Eddinger
creator, AyurvedaNextDoor.com

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Photo: Timothy Muza, Unsplash.com