I work the day shift. I’m your lunch waitress and your brunch waitress. I’m home by 5:00pm and asleep by 9:00pm following the daily routine advised by Ayurveda.

I secretly desire to create a t-shirt that reads Lunch Should Be Your Biggest Meal. No one seems to know this. Most people are eating like birds mid-day. As the sun is at its highest peak at noon it also follows that our digestive capacity is at it’s strongest at that time. The fires are burning. It’s time to eat.

But I Want To Lose Weight!

There’s a common misconception that in order to lose or maintain weight, one must eat less. The truth is we are burning calories all day at various activities including reading, writing, engaging in conversation and working. We should eat well so our bodies and minds can perform their functions optimally.

Here’s what Holistic Health Counselor Jillian Babcock had to say:

“You can actually start eating more food than you currently are and still lose weight; the key is eating the right types of food. Eating a large quantity of vegetables and fruits gives you all the nutrients, volume, and filling fiber you need, but because they are so low in calories, you are still able to eat less calories overall. This is called “crowding out”, because eating high volume/low calorie foods fills you up so that naturally you eat less unfavorable foods.”

On Calories

‘Everything here is under a certain calorie count.’ I explain this to every diner new to the restaurant. Most are happy to hear. There are a few concerned they’ll have enough to eat, and given their age, size and appearance of fitness, I may suggest ordering more.

So how much food does one need in a day? It depends. This calorie counter can help you determine how many calories you need to lose, maintain or increase your weight.

What else does Ayurveda have to say about eating?

Food can be an amazing source of pleasure. Savor it.

Ask for water without ice. Cold water diminishes the appetite and is hard on the digestive system.

Relax while eating. Eating when tense can lead to indigestion.

Let your awareness guide you when choosing foods. Our needs are different each day.

Sit down to eat and take your time. Hurrying causes unrest and can create an upset stomach.

Avoid snacking throughout the day and instead eat 2-3 meals when you’re hunger is strong. Have one snack if you need it.

Most importantly, creating health or wholeness in the body is achieved through living a balanced life. So don’t neglect eating or skimp on meals. Choose wisely, feed yourself well and follow the lifestyle wisdom of Ayurveda.

Photo courtesy of Morguefile.com.