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About Ayurveda

Sadhguru on Ayurveda

Science and medicine have made great advancements over the past decades but that has not necessarily translated into health and well being. Alternative medicines have been trying to fill this gap and have become increasingly popular in the US since the 90s. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian tradition of healing, is as old as yoga and…

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About AyurvedaVata Dosha

Seeing Beauty Everywhere With Ayurveda

By Vedika Global 2-Month Ayurveda Self-Care Course Graduate Kate Aughenbaugh I recently went on a sabbatical from my career when I felt my health going downhill. My doctor confirmed my suspicions by diagnosing me with high blood pressure. In response to this, I attended Vedika Global’s 2-Month Ayurveda Self-Care Course with a Sankalpa, or intention, to restore and maintain balance in…

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