Often I hear people say: “I am worried about my immune system being weak.” It is important to be aware that the strength of your immunity is a critical factor in your health. “Worrying” is going to contribute to weakening it. Your energy is being burned up by worrying. There are three primary components that play a role in the strength of your immunity.

The first is the state of balance of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) within you. These are the balance of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, ethers) in you. These direct your body and mind and connect us to nature. The second is the strength of the tissues and organs in the body. This is dictated by your state of balance. The third is the disease cause, which can be avoided by attention to the other two components. Pathogenic causes of disease, such as virus and bacteria, are everywhere, including in and on your body. Maintaining the balance of your doshas and nurturing your digestive fire (agni) keeps your tissues and organs strong. Then pathogens, such as flu, colds, and parasites cannot grow, and other types of diseases will not manifest.

Additionally, when you maintain a balance of the doshas within you, you feel well. Connection to your innermost self becomes possible. This is what allows you to cultivate a strong immune system and enables you to be at your very best.

Ayurveda is a science and an art that offers a way of living focused on optimal vitality. The definition of vitality may enhance your interest in this approach.


  • exuberant physical strength and mental vigor
  • capacity for the continuation of a meaningful and purposeful existence
  • the power to live and grow.


Here are some general suggestions to keep your immunity strong:

You have the innate ability to recognize what harms you. Begin to cultivate that knowing. Make a decision to do things that nurture you. Relax! Don’t stew in resentments. Stop trying to control people, places and things you have no control over. Eat fresh, organic vegetables and fruits with augmenting grains. Sleep enough to feel well, be sure your previous meal is digested before eating again, use a neti pot regularly, rest regularly, play regularly, breathe deeply often, forgive easily, express your love and appreciation often, learn about your own constitution and how you can be in control of keeping balance within you. This is something you can control, so take the reins!

If you are ready to start making meaningful changes in your choices, my book Freedom in Your Relationship With Food, discusses all of this in detail. For assistance that is more personal, consultations are available with me in-person or by telephone. Contact info@halepule.com or visit www.halepule.com. Blessings on your journey!


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myraMyra Lewin has consulted, studied, and taught Ayurveda, yoga, nutrition, meditation, and subtle energy management since the late 1980s. Her in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and psychology enables her to approach people at their level to encourage the integration of healthy balanced practices as a foundation for living. Honoring the holistic nature of the human being, she has helped many people move from destructive paths toward fulfillment. Learn practical Ayurveda today with Myra’s Getting Started with Ayurveda program.