Kathy Freston published this article  in The Huffington Post on Febrary first.
As Ayurveda emphasizes prevention, right diet, and utilizes cleansing methods (panchakarma) to rid the body of toxins, we thought it was important to share here.

 …studies done on Long Island and around the world have shown that women eating more broiled, grilled, fried, barbecued, and smoked meats appear to have up to 400 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer.

As we all may know someone that has battled breast cancer, it’s important to know and share the knowledge that cooking meat creates carcinogens.

 The average concentration of the “three strikes carcinogen” they foundin the breast milk of meat-eating women corresponded to significant cancer growth activation. One of the women was vegetarian, though, and interestingly none was detected in her breast milk. None.

Toxicologists lament that: “Exposure to PhIP is difficult to avoid because of its presence in many commonly consumed cooked meats, particularly chicken, beef and fish.”

But if you’re able to somehow dodge those meats (and don’t suck on a cigarette, tailpipe, or incinerator smokestack) maybe it’s not so difficult to avoid after all. Just move away from the Standard American Diet of meat/chicken/fish as the centerpiece of your meal and lean toward whole grains, beans and legumes, nuts, fruits, and veggies.

How to shift your meat-focused diet to a plant-centered one?

  1. Take on one change at a time. Go slowly. Dramatic changes don’t always stick.
  2. Keep a positive attitude.
  3. Find plant-based foods you enjoy eating and incorporate them into your routine one at a time.


Photo courtesy of Morguefile.com.