We  previously discussed the purification of the body and mind and the 5 steps of cleansing the body and mind known as panchakarma. When undergoing panchakarma, some care should be taken. Here is a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts including guidelines for Panchakarma, contraindications and benefits. Questions? Leave us a comment below.

Panchakarma Do’s

1. Panchakarma must be done under the direct observation and guidance of qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

2. Consult your practitioner and ask him about his/her experience in panchakarma treatment.

3. Share your health history. Is there high blood pressure, diabetes or any other disease you are suffering from? Sharing your health history will make it easier for your Ayurvedic practitioner to plan their treatment accordingly.

4. Know that many effects and benefits may take place later on. Results from panchakarma may not come right away as these are the processes only. It all depend on the constitution and the disease condition.

5. Follow the diet and lifestyle advise of your Ayurvedic practitioner.

Rules to follow during panchakarma.

During panchakarma treatment these rules must be strictly adhered to.
1. Use only warm water to drink, bathe and for other activities.
2. Do not indulge in sex.
3. Do not nap during the day. Sleeping in the daytime is contraindicated during panchakarma.
4. Listen to nature’s call and do not control natural urges.
5. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or weather conditions.
6. Get a good night’s sleep at reasonable hours. Keeping awake at night is not advisable.
7. Do not consume foods which cause indigestion.
8. Avoid mental stress and exercise.

Contraindications for Panchakarma

The Panchakarma therapy is not advisable for persons in whom the following conditions exist.
  • Menses
  • Lactation
  • Cancer of the Lungs or Testicles
  • Melanoma
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Overweight Extreme Obesity
  • Lympho-Sarcoma
  • Hypertension
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Emaciation
  • Any Active Infectious Disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Angina Pectoris

Benefits of Panchakarma

The benefits of Panchakarma are as follows:
  • Toxins are eliminated from body .
  • Doshas get balanced.
  • Stress is reduced and body gets relaxed.
  • Slows aging process and increases the lifespan.
  • Increases glow and luster of skin.
  • Boosts body immunity and body energy level.
  • Enhances strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity
  • Reduces dependence on alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
  • Helps to implement healthy diet and lifestyle.

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