Fall is a time of transformation and change. And what better way to start moving into the new season than with a cleanse?

Ayurveda recommends that we detox when the seasons change. Fall is the perfect time to create space for your body to let go of any accumulated and undigested material. This is referred to as ama in Ayurveda. Ama is not only undigested or unwholesome food and beverages that get lodged in our system. It also refers to any toxic thought processes or information overload such as constantly being on the internet, social network or watching too much television.

How You Nourish Yourself Matters

Consider what kind of foods and beverages you have consumed over the past few months. Do you feel nourished and nurtured by your nutrition? Or have you eaten out of habit, boredom, self indulgence or even self loathing? What about how you take in information? Are you selective with what newspapers you read or television you watch? How often are you on social media and how do you digest the information you take in? Do you consider your choices nourishing, nutritious or depleting?

“Ayurveda is all about digestion. The food we eat, the beverages we drink, the sights we see, the books we read, the conversations we have and emotions we feel. How do you digest your life experiences?” Anja Brierley Lange, YogaEmbodiedOnline.com

In Ayurveda we take time to consider how we can make it easy for body, mind and spirit to digest and transform everything we take in.

One way of doing so is through a detox. There are many variations of detox programs but one way is a dedicated day or two of a simple mono-diet and rest.

One Day Detox

For one whole day try to eat a super simple diet. No processed foods, lots of ingredients or different textures. Simple foods are easy for the digestive system to process so the body can simply get on with digesting, transforming, and eliminating.

In Ayurveda we recommend kitchari as it is a complete protein. It is nourishing. It’s tridoshic (good for all body types) and very simple. Even the most sensitive digestive system can cope with kitchari. It gives our body a rest. Kitchari is so easy to digest that our agni or digestive fire can start to eliminate any otherwise undigested material, or ama. Basically it offers our body time to rest and digest.

Prepare kitchari the night before and simply let the mixture soak overnight. Then cook it for breakfast on the day of your detox. Continue to enjoy your kitchari for lunch and dinner.


For more inspiration please have a look at these delicious Kitchari recipes.

During your detox, drink boiled water cooled down to a warm temperature. Teas such as cumin, coriander, fennel and ginger are all great digestive herbs supporting your detox process.

Detox and Rejuvenate body and mind

As well as enjoying a simple diet, enjoy a simple day. Keep your activities to a minimum: rest, go for a walk in nature, practice some yoga. Give yourself the joy of a massage: Either self massage or treat yourself to a recommended massage therapist. Listen to inspiring and calming music. Practice meditation to detox the mind. Or take time for a yoga nidra practice, the very restorative yogic sleep.

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