Just after Sun shifts into Virgo on September 16th, the full Moon in Pisces occurs with a penumbral lunar eclipse. This eclipse ends the unusually long eclipse portal that began on August 18th with an “almost” lunar eclipse. At the time of the full Moon (Purnima), the Moon has barely entered Pisces and will be under a degree- literally propping open the door between Aquarius and Pisces. This sandhi Moon is in very fragile and vulnerable territory, yet extremely spiritual as well.

The penumbral lunar eclipse on the 16th will be visible in much of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Western South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic and Antarctica. It will not touch North America. The eclipse will begin at 10:54 am MDT, ending at 14:53 MDT. The maximum eclipse will occur at 12:54 pm MDT.

From a Vedic perspective, it is not advised to be outside during the eclipse. Stay covered if you have to be out and about- especially your head and eyes. As the eclipse portal comes to a close, a release process is taking place. This may take several more days or weeks to integrate fully.

Moon in Pisces and Purvabhadrapada nakshatra during the time of the full Moon amplifies themes of release and letting go during the coming waning cycle. Pisces correlates to the 12th house of the zodiac, the final bhava (house) of the jyotish chart, connected to endings, release, transformation and retreats.

Purvabhadra is a constellation of integration, balance and harmonizing polarities. The ruling deity is Ajaikapada, a form of Shiva, Lord of the Dance. There is skillfulness with making money and doing challenging work. It is said that this constellation can cure the impossible.

Scorpio and Anuradha nakshatra are on the horizon at the time of the full Moon, indicating that Mitra’s support will bring resources and connection in the days and weeks to come. He rules the “friendly star” which is symbolized by a decorated archway. As an Aditya, Mitra’s role is to bring resources and support. He does it through connection, collaboration and relationship.

Saturn rules this nakshatra, which indicates consistent, steady work is necessary for the resources to arrive. As the planet of grief and sorrow, Saturn requires that you attend to your emotional body landscape diligently. This is a cycle to pay close attention to your emotions and gather resources, support, guidance and community to weather the inner storms.

Work closely with balancing masculine and feminine energies as well as inner and outer realms. As you lean in closer, you can begin to heal and integrate opposing energies within. This is an important part of closing the healing wisdom of the eclipse portal.

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