The September new Moon officially arrives at 03:03 on September 1st, bringing an emptiness and release with it. The new Moon is in sidereal Leo and Purvaphalguni nakshatra, coinciding with the annual solar eclipse.

This particular solar eclipse will not be visible in North America, but will touch Southern Asia, Western Australia, much of Africa, the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

The eclipse will begin at 00:13 MDT on the 1st and continue until 06:00 am, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 03:01 am MDT. Eclipses are a time to meditate and do spiritual practices. From a Vedic perspective, it is not advised to be outside during an eclipse, nor start new projects during the eclipse portal (the two week gap between solar and lunar eclipses).

The new Moon day is an inward, lunar day, which will require emotional body attention. Plant seeds and attend to your creativity in gentle, intentional ways.

Bhaga supports the senses- sensuality, creativity, feelings, resources and that which brings pleasure and passion. He brings resources and grants your desires into form.

As an Aditya (a god who brings resources and support) Bhaga shares wealth and happiness, luck and fortune, as well as blessings from past incarnations. He brings marital unions and creates love, affection, sexuality, sensuality and pleasure. Purvaphalguni is synonymous with the arts and all creative expression.

What stirs your being and excites your spirit? Do that, but do it gently in the days to come.

Themes for September New Moon + Eclipse Wisdom

Cancer is on the horizon at the time of the new Moon, provoking heart, tenderness and emotion. With Moon transiting Leo at the time of the new Moon, conjunct Sun and shadow node Rahu, big feelings and the need to express them will be themes for the coming weeks. The eclipse will make sure that this process feels extra challenging, however.

There are frustrations and challenges with self expression, which invokes a certain drama with this particular eclipse portal. Words and thoughts may not be shared poignantly. Some people may be withholding or resisting self expression all together, creating intensity and excess challenge unnecessarily. Speak the sweet truth and know that your words are rooted in compassion.

What is being left unsaid? There’s a tendency to be confused about feelings and emotions, resulting in not knowing what you need. If you don’t know what you need, you can’t express the needs. You can’t get your needs met if you can’t express them! Your job is to deepen your relationship with your emotional body so that you know what you need. From here you can express these needs and learn the art of compassionate communication.

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Relationships become a sort of guru in the coming weeks. A resource for helping you awaken and become more fulfilled. Any discomfort from the ‘other’ is an opportunity for you to look at places in yourself that are not fully aligned with your needs. Use this as a time for clean up and work with your shadow and grief very intentionally.

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*All timing is given in Pacific Standard Time Zone.

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