There are many signs in Robin Williams’s astrological chart of mental illness, and most likely he was bi-polar.

Remember that the karmic nodes (Ketu and Rahu) cause emotional storms. Robin Williams was in the last part of his Ketu period, having recently finished Ketu Saturn which would have been an extremely tough time for him.

After Ketu Saturn comes Ketu Mercury, which is the last part of the period before switching to a 20 year Venus period which probably would have been really good for him.

Astrology is so helpful because it can give us so much light and hope.  To know that things were going to get better probably would have been very helpful.

It actually takes a lot of good karma to have the finances for spiritual practice, to have the mind-set to do them and to have the exposure to them.

Mental illness and addictions can be seen from many planetary influences and Robin Williams had all of these meaning his difficulties were probably very deeply rooted.

We should all take care to protect against our mental health as it is a bigger problem than we might realize.

Our society is not really set up for mental health.

In Robin Williams’s chart his Rahu was with his Moon meaning his mind would have been very chaotic, with many karmic emotions being activated since he was in a Ketu period.

His Ketu was with his Venus which shows many things including that the addictions were very deep and came from previous lives.  Once these forces take over we usually have a multiple life uphill battle.  Protecting against our mental health is very important.

Amma says when people die that prayer is like a rocket booster but that lower emotions can pull the person down and affect their rebirth.  While we don’t want to have fear this can be helpful to keep in mind.  Unfortunately this human body is only a rental so suicide is actually karmically considered murder.

Also many souls are waiting to incarnate so not fully living your life is difficult karmically.  Whatever the suffering someone has will become much much worse. Luckily he has the good karma of being famous and people’s prayers for him will help uplift his soul.

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