Vāyu is a Sanskrit word which means air or wind. Vāyu is the second Mahā Bhūta core essential element that makes up the universe. Vāyu signifies the aspect of life which carries something along on its journey. In Yoga, Vāyu is a metaphor for respiration, movement and creativity. Vāyu is also symbolic of pollination and can signify one thing being carried to a new realm of growth. In the shadow sense, too much anxious breathing or movement can be a time of agitation.  

Manorama’s Tips: Vayu

~ When considering vāyu through the lens of Yoga: Do the simple act of inhaling and exhaling three times with awareness. Then ask how can I support greater stability and conscious movement in my life? How can I access my creative core?  

~ When viewing this word in the context of Ayurveda, think of vāyu, air, within your body. Consider the fluttering of your thoughts. What do you read on a daily basis? What do you engage in? Look at what you choose to nourish yourself with regularly.

Manorama’s Sanskrit Pronunciation Tips

  1. Connect with your breathing.
  2. Feel your feet underneath you.
  3. Accent the first part of the word by dropping your jaw and saying the syllable with the long vowel ‘vā’.
  4. Next say at the 2nd mouth position ‘y’ plus the 5th mouth position short vowel ‘u’ – Thus you have Vā – yu.
  5. Put it all together: Vāyu air, wind –  Great!
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy the feeling of saying Sanskrit words. Sanskrit words are particularly pleasing to hear and say. Let the feeling of the word meet you.

In the next quick and sacred Sanskrit post I’ll be sharing about the Mahā Bhūta: Ākāśa Ether

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