Prithivī is the fifth of the Mahā Bhūtas, five essential elements that make up the universe. It is a Sanskrit word which means earth. As earth, prithivī signifies the material or grounded aspect of the universe. Everything material is prithivī. Your physical body is made of prithivī. Prithivī pertains to all things material and manifested.

When considering prithivī in the context of Yoga, ask how you are grounded. Also look at what makes up your ground.

When looking at this word in the context of Ayurveda, consider what actions support greater health (i.e. what your health is grounded in) and what supports your physical form.

Manorama’s Pronuciation Tips: Prithivi

1. Connect with your breathing
2. Feel your feet underneath you
3. Say the first part of the word by bringing the tip of the tongue back into the third mouth position and making a short ‘r’ as in ‘pr’
4. Next say at the fourth mouth position the ‘thi’ sound. Push the breath out through the consonant ‘tha’ and keep the vowel ‘i’ short. Make it a breathy unaccented sound ‘thi.’ Then say ‘vī’ elongating the ‘ī’ in ‘vī.’ Thus pr – thi – vī
5. Put it all together: = Prithivī, earth – Great!
6. Don’t forget to enjoy the feeling of saying Sanskrit words. Sanskrit is a particularly pleasing language to hear and say. Let the feeling of the sound meet you.

In the next quick and sacred Sanskrit post, I’ll be sharing about the Mahā Bhūta: Āpah water

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