Āpah is a Sanskrit word which means water. Āpah is the fourth of the Mahā Bhūtas, five essential elements that make up the universe. As a Mahā Bhūta, Āpah signifies the fluid or watery aspect of the universe.

In Sanskrit cosmology, water is life. It nourishes the natural world and makes up 70% of every human body. Āpah pertains to the concept of fluidity and the rhythm of patterns. It is what I call an intermediary element, which connects you with the more watery spiritual realm.  

~When considering āpah in the context of Yoga, ask where you are fluid in life. Look to where you could cultivate more fluidity.

~When viewing this word in the context of Ayurveda, consider where you might be rigid and how you could be more fluid as a way to support greater health in your life. Let your insights guide you.

Manorama’s Pronunciation Tips: Apah

  1. Connect with your breathing
  2. Feel your feet underneath you
  3. Say the first part of the word by dropping your jaw wide and elongating the vowel ‘Ā’
  4. Next say at the 5th mouth position ‘pah’ with the visarga (breath spurt) at the end – Thus you have ā – pah
  5. Put it all together: = Āpah, water –  Great!
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy the feeling of saying Sanskrit words. Sanskrit words are particularly pleasing to hear and say. Let the feeling of the word meet you.

In the next quick and sacred Sanskrit post, I’ll be sharing about the Mahā Bhūta: Agni, Fire

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