Agni is a Sanskrit word which means fire. Agni is the third Mahā Bhūta, five essential elements that make up the universe. Agni signifies the fiery nature of life, which brings growth. In Yoga, agni is a metaphor for your focus, and your focus represents your capacity and strength.  Fire is also symbolic of radiance and signifies the light of the sun illuminating all on prithivīearth. And, Agni can signify a time of great suffering, which generally means a time when you are undergoing a profound change. Agni is transformation of the material into the universal. Like water, fire is also an intermediary element, which connects you with the more spiritual realm of wisdom and luminous light.  

Manorama’s Tips: Agni

~ When considering Agni in the context of Yoga, ask: What fire do I find myself in these days? What do I need to see to transform my perspective for greater understanding?

~ When viewing this word in the context of Ayurveda, think of agni as the digestion. Consider the food you take to your stomach, and also what you read and engage in daily with your mind. Look at what you choose to nourish yourself with on a daily basis.

Manorama’s Sanskrit Pronunciation Tips

  1. Connect with your breathing
  2. Feel your feet underneath you
  3. Accent the first part of the word by dropping your jaw and saying the short vowel ‘A’
  4. Next say at the 1st mouth position ‘g’ plus the 4th mouth position ‘ni’ – Thus you have a-gni
  5. Put it all together: Agni, fire –  Great!
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy the feeling of saying Sanskrit words. Sanskrit words are particularly pleasing to hear and say. Let the feeling of the word meet you.

In the next quick and sacred Sanskrit post, I’ll be sharing about the Mahā Bhūta: Vāyu Wind.

©2016 Manorama, Sanskrit Studies & Luminous Soul

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