Herbal Zap! arrived just in time – my early spring cold had mildly resurfaced.

Herbal Zap! is a formula of Ayurvedic herbs discovered by Genevieve Gilbreath, yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mother of Kapila. The formula was created by a team of leading Ayurvedic physicians and was designed to balance the doshas and strengthen the immune system. It is spicy, warming and sweet, and gently helped restore my agni (digestive strength).
Individual packets are sold in boxes of ten and twenty five.

What are the ingredients?
14 Ayurvedic herbs and cane sugar.
Some you will recognize: ginger, black pepper, coriander, cumin, licorice.
The other herbs are: vasaka, kulanjana, ajowain, kaliyaka, shankapushpi, parpataka, long pepper, bhargi and kandaraki.

I’ll have to admit, I did wonder how effective this tiny packet is going to be. The packet is so small (fits in my pants pocket) and the ingredients seemed to be less than a half teaspoon. My usual cold remedy is ginger tea made with the fresh root, which I find very helpful with digestive issues and excess Kapha (mucus). So I was a bit skeptical of this small amount of powdered herbs compared to my powerhouse of fresh ginger root.

I took about seven packets over a three day period (recommended dosage is ‘1-2 packets up to 4 times daily when immune system is challenged’). Each time I took Herbal Zap! I noticed my digestive system return to balance, and each time I took it I felt stronger and cleaner. The mucus gradually reduced. And though my digestive system was noticeably warmed from the Herbal Zap!, my Pitta did not go out of control (no flushes of heat, itchy tingly skin, or stomach acid, which I often get after drinking spicy ginger tea).

I talked with Genevieve about the origin of the herbs. The herbs are sustainably grown on small family and company farms in Sri Lanka.  They are all grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides and many are wildcrafted. They have not yet taken on the challenge of becoming Certified Organic, which is understandable. It’s a challenge. Genevieve cited the many small farms as the reason for the delay. She hopes to tackle this down the road.

Check out the mini-booklet for more information on production.

All in all, this is a great product, created by a woman with a genuine mission.
Her website has all the information you could need.

“What makes me really believe in the product are my years of positive personal experience with the formula and the sustainable environmental and social circumstances under which Herbal ZAP! is produced.  From the farms all the way to the packaging facility, local workers handle every step conscientiously.   I know that when people drink Herbal ZAP!, they support not only their own health but also the hundreds of rural Sri Lankan families who contribute to the sustainable agriculture behind Herbal ZAP!”      – Genevieve Gilbreath