Ileana Gonzalez, grew up outside the nation’s capital, Washington DC. There, she studied International Affairs at George Washington University. In 1998, she moved to Spain to earn an MBA at ICADE, after which she began her professional career in several areas.

Her career began in linguistics, having worked as an English teacher to businesspersons, translator and editor of didactic material. Later on, she consolidated her career in the Financial sector, where she worked for over 10 years in the areas of IT Solutions Management, Pre-Sales and IT Project Development.

In 2009, Ileana had the opportunity to travel the world; her travels took her to 6 countries and 3 continents, including very spiritual places like Bali, India and Nepal. During her travels, Ileana studied Ayurveda in Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. There she was trained in “Ayurvedic Nursing” and “Panchakarma and Nutrition” in the internationally renowned Arsha Vidya Peetam Trust ( AVP offers a holistic vision of the Kerala ayurvedic tradition, with special emphasis on the practical application of treatments. AVP is not only an ayurveda and yoga training center, it also houses an important ayurvedic hospital and one of the biggest ayurvedic pharmacies in the world.

Up until early 2011 Ileana was practicing ayurveda in Madrid, Spain; her company Ayurveda Natural offered traditional treatments, massages, and lifestyle consulting. She also hosted a monthly radio program on called “Ayurveda – tu salud en tus manos” and she also published numerous articles in specialized Spanish magazines.

In June 2011 Ileana started Apurva Wellness, LLC in N. Virginia. Apurva Ayurveda Healing is a natural health spa that combines the ancient healing arts of yoga and ayurveda to offer a natural, holistic approach to health and beauty. Each of the collaborators of Apurva believe in the long term rewards of a healthy lifestyle, and they are very much committed to offering its clients the tools and the support needed to live a life of balance and wellness. Ileana and one of the collaborators of Apurva recently returned from India, where they participated in the gurukula program that Dr. Vasant Lad leads every year with select students.


Ileana Gonzalez, director
Apurva Ayurveda Healing
2841 Hartland Rd. Suite 207, Falls Church, VA 22043