I believe Ayurveda is an emancipatory health care choice with the potential to bridge individual health and self-awareness, social justice, and spiritual inclinations.

It was the fascinating complexity and beauty of Ayurvedic principals that initially drew me to study Ayurveda. The rigor and creativity required to understand and heal the body through these principals inspire me to continue on this path. An elegant balance between individual and collective health; classical and unorthodox practices; modern and ancient teachings challenge me daily to inspire others with this endlessly interesting modality.

Formal training in Classical Indian Medicine have defined and refined the DIY healing instincts I gained from my mother and grandmothers and many years as a massage therapist. My practice is informed by undergraduate and graduate studies focused in Cultural Studies and Social Psychology and an abiding interest in spirituality and social justice.

Classical Ayurveda is a rare and special breed of practice in the US; my view and vision is wholly within the paradigm laid out in the three primary texts of Ayurveda.  My knowledge of the texts is fully related to the classical lineage that trained me & supports every step I take with patients; it is tried and true. Ayurveda works most deeply and quickly when applied through the logic of it’s own principals. And Yukti (or the individual creativity to heal using the tools at hand) is essential; our world is so different than the world that birthed Ayurveda. Practically the principals of Ayurveda are always my guide, my wide ranging life experiences lead me to create new and inventive ways to apply these principals to modern lives.

I have been in private practice since 2010 and have treated a wide range of complants and concerns. I provide in-depth consultations with examination which provides the basis for: diet and lifestyle recommendations, individually formulated ayurvedic medicines, body treatments (abhyunga, swedana, pinda swede, shirodhara, sthanic basti etc), some Pancha Karma processes (verachan, basti, nasya), and long and short-term health care plans. I am also available to teach workshops, cooking classes, cleanses, and daily life skills for those incorporating Ayurveda into their lives as well as basic principals for those wishing to go a bit deeper (yoga teachers, therapists and other healing professionals).

Ayurveda Education:

  • Kerala Ayurveda Academy, Foster City, CA: 500 hrs Ayurveda Wellness Councilor
  • Shubham Ayurveda, Fremont, CA: 1200 hrs Theoretical, and Advanced Clinical Training and Internship in Classical (samhita based) Ayurveda
  • Punarvasu Ayurveda Prabodhini, Pune, India: 120 hrs Body Therapies and Panchakarma



3409 Grand Ave Suite 7, Oakland California