Ayurveda Next Door was created by Jennifer Eddinger in 2010. Jennifer is an Ayurveda-convert, living and breathing the Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle since her first consultation in Portsmouth, NH in 1999.

Jennifer received training in shirodhara therapy from The Sacred Stone Academy of Massage & Ayurveda (SAMA) in Newport, RI. She’s also a professional artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from the University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.

In 1999 resources for Ayurveda were limited. The back of Ayurveda books was the best source of information for products, centers and practitioners. Locating practitioners was difficult.

Searching online for Ayurveda near my home was completely frustrating and I live just an hour’s drive from greater Boston, MA, a major metropolitan area of over 3 million people. – Jennifer Eddinger

Creating AyurvedaNextDoor.com

Ayurveda Next Door was born in 2010 en route from Tennessee to New Hampshire.

That year Jennifer volunteered in marketing/promotions at IshaUSA in McMinnville, TN. The event was a yoga mega-program in Houston, TX with Sadhguru.

The world of online promotions opened a new door of possibilities and Jennifer saw an answer to her search for Ayurveda practitioners, centers, schools and products.

A directory was needed. Though a few directories had eventually surfaced in the pages of Google, nothing was comprehensive or visually easy to navigate. Nothing was returning on the first page of Google search results. Nothing was custom-built for the client and for the practitioner.

As a visual artist Jennifer has extensive training in bringing all kinds of things to life.

For me, the creative process begins with a vision of the end result or goal. It is then a continuous process of locating the solutions to getting there. – Jennifer Eddinger

Building Partnerships For Growth

It took some time for Jennifer to find the right web developers for the project. Zach and Kelly of Keza Media in Manchester, NH began working on Ayurveda Next Door in 2012 and are building the site in stages.

Zach and Kelly have worked on projects for Comcast, Jobzipper and the SFO Airport. They’ve also created a directory for the Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA.

Our Direction Today

Today Ayurveda Next Door is looking forward to the completion of an extensive, multi-level Ayurvedic practitioners directory.

The site is growing and expanding with new content daily, a weekly email newsletter and outreach efforts to bring more clients to the doors of practitioners.

AyurvedaNextDoor.com is focused on creating a professional platform that’s easy for potential clients to find and use. AyurvedaNextDoor.com offer Ayurvedic practitioners a place to share their expertise, reach potential clients and be found.

If you’re an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, treatment provider, center or school, join AyurvedaNextDoor.com. Basic Listings are free!