The October New Moon coinciding with Diwali, the Festival of Lights occurs at 11:38 MDT on Sunday, the 30th. Moon is transiting Libra and Swati nakshatra at this time. This constellation is ruled by Vayu, the wind god, who brings powerful forces of change and movement with him. He is cosmic breath, prana, supporting all the internal Vayus. He is your breath of life, the breath of the gods, the breath of Nature.

The immense strength of the Rudras comes from Vayu. Hanuman is a Rudra, who proved his extreme powers when he leaped to Lanka, saving Sita and upholding dharma. This right action was an act of devotion towards Lord Rama.

This new Moon sparks an immense change process, spearheaded by Vayu himself. The changes coming will be swift, sudden and unexpected. This process is dharmic, but uncertain, spiritual, yet may be confusing and uncomfortable.

Attending to the letting go process with intention is vital. How do you want to attend to the new, sacred space within you? Let it be conscious.

At the time of the new Moon, Mars is on the horizon at the very edge of Sagittarius. The doorway is open between fire and earth, as Mars prepares to shift into its sign of exaltation. The cycle to come jump starts some courageous leaps. What are you leaping towards? What are you leaping away from?

Above all, clear and release stagnation and that which doesn’t honor your basic needs for nourishment and support. This includes relationships, behaviors, limiting beliefs, grief and emotions. You will need to dig very, very deeply to find the pearls, but it will be well worth your efforts.

Diwali, In Celebration of Maha Lakshmi

The first night of Deepavali or Diwali begins October 26th. This is a five day celebration of Maha Lakshmi, honoring her divine abundance. Goddess Lakshmi blesses us with wealth on all levels of life – through health, vitality and wellness, as well as monetary abundance, resources and riches.

The most significant day of Diwali is on the new Moon day, Amavasya. Honor and celebrate Maha Lakshmi on the 30th with sweets, new clothing, chanting and many lights!

Traditionally we leave candles lit or lamps in your home turned on all through the night. This will beckon more light to greet you in the coming months and signals Lakshmi to visit you!

Open the doors of your heart and allow the nourishment of beloved Lakshmi to wash you with her generosity and gifts!