The October full Moon on the 15th stirs a remarkable vulnerability with Moon in a very delicate gap point between Pisces and Aries. At 22:23 MDT, the fullness of the Moon arrives at the edge of Pisces, just past 29 degrees. The portal between endings and beginnings is activated, awake, alive.

Pure vulnerability is provoked at this time, while simultaneously ushering in mystical and spiritual power. The Pisces/Aries gandanta (gap) is particularly challenging as Moon shifts from water into fire, release and liberation into hope and possibility.

What This October Full Moon Brings You

There can be confusion and uncertainty about moving forward as well as grief through loss. Trust that this is a cycle of renewal. Pisces is also connected to the ancestors and endings, while Aries brings a young, new energy with it. What are you opening to? What are you closing to?

Moon will be transiting Revati nakshatra at the time of the Full Moon, the final lunar constellation of the zodiac. Pushan rules this portion of the sky, bringing fruitful journeys and resources for your travels. As an Aditya (one who brings support) Pushan is also known to provide nourishment and he does so through resources. He protects your path and will provide support for your journey – whether earthly or astral.

Revati nakshatra is a Mrdu constellation – soft, mild and tender. It can be used for auspicious beginnings and ceremonies.

As Moon transits Pisces during the full Moon, Mars gives his gaze, as does Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. Emotions are enlivened through power and wisdom.

The waning cycle will bring depth to the heart and awakening through the mental and emotional body levels. It’s a time of clearing and cleaning, purging and release. Ask your ancestors to help you release and remove the old, toxic debris in your heart – all that is keeping you from receiving the nourishment you seek.

Let your grief move through you in conscious ways, clearing and cleaning your heart space, awakening your needs and allowing more receptivity to arrive.

This is a time of healing relationships. Healing yourself in relationship to others and healing yourself in relationship to self. There will be deep seated, old and stagnant grief moving through you in the cycle to come – especially connected to relationship. Allow it to be a balm of awakening, softening and letting go.

Say yes to nourishment and emotions that honor your tenderness. Lean into your vulnerability and awaken your deeper power.

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