The new moon in Libra occurs in the lunar mansion of Swati. One symbol for Swati is a coral as this lunar mansion is known for flexibility. People born with this lunar mansion prominent in their charts are good business people in general.  

Saturn and Venus are tightly conjunct in the sign of Scorpio at the new moon. Venus is the planet of desire and giving and receiving love. Saturn keeps Venus in lusty Scorpio in check as Saturn is a planet of restriction and can make a person hesitant to express their deep emotions. It is always risky to show our emotions but to close our hearts is no way to live. Open your heart to love in all and see what magic happens.

Mars moves into the sign of Capricorn where it is exalted and most powerful. This transit is most beneficial to Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces ascendants as Mars transits the upachaya houses. Upachaya houses are the houses of the chart where we can make vast improvements over time with our sincere efforts. Mars rules over will power and courage. Therefore, it does well in these houses in the chart.

November New Moon Predictions

The following predictions are for your Vedic rising sign but you can read for your Moon sign as well.  


The transit of Mars in your tenth house is great for your career success as the company could be in a profitable period and thus expanding. This could lead to a promotion for you. Do be careful to not be over competitive as higher ups could be threatened. Exercise a healthy respect for authority figures and you will be fine.


You could take some unexpected trips for work or otherwise. You feel rebellious towards teachers or teachings this time. It is okay to question so that you can get clear about your beliefs. Stand up for what you believe in and for what you know is right.  


Take extra care with your health this month. It is a good time to do a cleanse. Be extra diligent in your sadhana practices. Even though your physical vitality could be low, your mind will be sharp so do some reading or writing. Your mind will be flooded with creative ideas and you should write them down.


This is a nice time for your marriage or business partner as they are feeling robust. Also, Venus in your fifth house will bring romance into your life. Make the most of these transits. This is also a good time to hone your leadership skills if you are in a position of authority. Learn how to motivate people in a positive way.


This is a good month to start new habits or programs related to health and diet. If you have had any nagging health issues then you will have more ability to overcome. There will be an atmosphere of competition in the workplace but you have the edge. Only share your ideas and thoughts with those that you have absolute trust in.


Purchase tickets to sports events or concerts. Get out and have fun! Your creativity will be flowing so taking an art class or writing workshop would be a great use of your time. You will have more opportunities for romance and dating. You may meet someone that you really like but will most likely be based on physical attraction so take it slow.


You will need more patience with family this month as Mars transits your fourth house of home. Don’t give in to petty arguments that spoil your peace of mind. You could have some costly repairs in your home. Get routine maintenance on your vehicle at this time.


Your ruler Mars is in the third house of the chart and this denotes the courage and willpower to go for your dreams. Use this time wisely and weed out any person or thing that does not support you in your best and highest. You could have disagreements with a sibling or neighbors. Choose your battles wisely.


Opportunities for making more money through a hobby could crop up. You could receive a promotion even. Do be careful of impulsive spending though as you could have the urge to shop more. Practice mindful eating as eating on the go can cause digestive upset.


You feel a renewed passion for life and your energy is high. Use this opportunity to go forward with your highest ideals. Be careful to not be too impulsive as this can lead to accidents. Exercise more patience with others, especially in traffic. If you have to commute then play some nice relaxing classical music or chanting music in your car.


Be more careful of your surroundings, especially at night. Make sure that your alarm system is set when you leave your home or office. You are more prone to stress and lack of sleep so take more opportunities to get out in nature. A camping outing or hiking trip would be enjoyable and beneficial to your well being.


Update your goal list and take steps towards your major goals. Mars transiting through your eleventh house of desires and wishes gives you a boost. Friends could be bossy and quick to give their opinion but you and only you know what is best for you in the end. You could have some rivalry or disagreements with your siblings, especially older siblings.