In the early morning hours, the full Moon arrives at its peak. Full Moon is at 06:53am MST on November 14th while Moon transits Aries and Krittika nakshatra.

Aries is connected to the head, and is notoriously confrontational and aggressive. The Moon will be expressing these flavors in the coming cycle- much of which will be focused on the head. 

Agni is the ruling deity of Krittika nakshatra and the ultimate transformational energy. This fire of life has the ability to create alchemal changes, transformation and change. There are multiple types of agni within the body, each with a special purpose for digestion, assimilation and nourishment. If one agni is weak, the other agnis in the body will be burdened.

Agni helps us digest and assimilate on the physical body level as well as mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The need for processing feelings, experiences, sensorial input, life and cycles, emotions, and relationships is vital for complete digestion to take place.

You can support agni by following Ayurvedic regimens, purging and releasing emotions and grief consistently, moving the body daily, through art and creativity, being in nature, through rest and meditation- just to name a few. 

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The coming cycle will encourage deeper integration of polarities and opposing forces. Moon is also poised at the edge of Aries and is sandhi (in the gap between signs) at the time of the Full Moon. The emotional body is begging for transformation, release and change. This will likely be felt on the emotional body level through anger, rage, frustration and violence.

What does this anger actually express? What needs are not being met? The divine feminine is calling out loudly and aggressively for change right now. Find ways to integrate and harmonize opposing forces, and imbalances with polarities- especially the masculine and feminine.

Passions will be running high in the coming weeks and emotions will be strong and volatile. Watch your words as they may be less compassionate and more provocative. Old pain and hurt is finding its way to the surface of the mind, long ago suppressed into shadow parts. Now these old illusions have the opportunity to arise, awaken and transform you. If you are willing to track closely and look at your challenging emotions directly, there is hope for healing and release. If you continue to resist and avoid, this chance will pass.

The masculine within everyone is going through radical shifts right now.

It is being asked to transform and change, yet there is resistance and refusal simultaneously. This cycle will force change in uncomfortable ways. Lean into the anger and violence towards yourself and others. Lean into your cravings for being fixed by another. Look closely at your desires, longings and addictions- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What do these shadow parts truly need in order for safety? Allow your awakening to take place by getting closer to your darkness and bringing it to the light.

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