Just as the month comes to a close, the Moon empties.

This coming waxing cycle brings changes in creativity and courage, while the passion of the heart strengthens and awakens convictions and empowerment.  

On Tuesday, November 29th at 05:18 Mountain Standard Time, the new Moon arrives in Scorpio and Anuradha nakshatra. Moon is debilitated and sits with Sun and Saturn in the sign of depth, transformation and the occult, hidden realms.

Debilitated Moon turns your attention inward, softens the expression of the Moon and the flavor of Scorpio, while requesting your deep contemplation.

The mind and emotions are extremely fragile at this time and vulnerable to outside influences. Protect yourself and use healthy, conscious boundaries to help you stay rooted and grounded instead of unstable and over-stimulated. There is an emptiness occurring with body, mind and emotions right now. Seek resources to support the release, while grounding and stabilizing your self for maximum integration to take place.

Anuradha is Mitra‘s nakshatra. He is an Aditya which means he offers resources. His gifts come through friendship and alliances. Through companionship and allies, Mitra supports expansion and increases through your connections. Reach out and align with your friends for maximum gain in the coming cycle. Notice where you are staying small, dis-empowered and resistant to connection.

Relationships become a strong theme for the coming cycle; Libra is on the horizon at the time of the new Moon. Watch your speech and communication in the coming weeks. You may be less tactful, cold or seemingly uncaring. Align with loving kindness and compassion when dealing with difficult people and situations.

Get clear on what you need and release that which doesn’t serve you. 

Find creative ways to connect with others through unique co-creative processes and relationships. Self express and be courageous with new endeavors.

Who do you want to align with in order for more nourishment and support?

What relationships and alliances are no longer feeling helpful, kind and empowering?

Uproot and release that which no longer nourishes you. Move towards a deeper sense of vitality and support. Call in what you really need.

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