New Moon Tuesday, January 20th at 07:14 am CST
Moon in Capricorn and UttaraAshada Nakshatra

New Moon Intention: We are each creators, born to create.
Trust your creative energy, channel it and let it flow!

UttaraAshada nakshatra is ruled by the Vishva Devas and also the Sun. Nobility, integrity and good deeds are exemplified by the Vishva Devas. They have high morals, high standards and request that we do the same. Dharma and dharmic integrity are priorities for them. They wish to help us rise in life, to succeed, but only by following the Laws of Nature.

Capricorn gets our full attention for this new Moon with Moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury in this sign simultaneously. Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn give their drishti, which enhances the high energy of this empty Moon. Capricorn is a hard working planet that does well with Saturn’s consistent and structured efforts. This new Moon requests just that, however, we will likely be feeling pulled in too many directions. Grounding and stabilizing are essential right now. Working directly with structure and support systems will be beneficial for directing the enhanced creative energy of this time. This includes working directly with the physical body wisdom to help us contain and hold our big mental body and emotional body energy. Use the coming weeks to focus your efforts on channeling your potent creative energy more effectively. By creating strong channels, the creative flow can be enhanced, directed, and increased, in a more balanced and sustainable way. It is essential to release and let go of what does not serve or maximize your creative flow.

Creative Ritual

Three Level Mandala Ritual

1) Do a three level check in with the mental body, emotional body, physical body. Write down your experiences for each level of awareness.

2) Draw three circles on a piece of paper and label each one as mental, emotional and physical. Then create a mini mandala for each of these three bodies. What is the “felt sense” that arrives for each of these levels of awareness? Capture each level of awareness and express it within your mandalas.

Don’t over think this, just create. Remember, it’s process, not product right now.

3) Give a name or title to each mandala. Capture the essence in words.

4) Answer these baseline statements once you’ve completed your mini mandala process.

I am____
I want____
I need____