The upcoming New Moon on March 8th occurs in the sign Aquarius in the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada. This is also a Solar eclipse and occurs at approximately 24 degrees of Aquarius.

Neptune is closely conjunct this eclipse. Neptune is about deception so I expect for some things to come to light regarding our government in particular. It is also strongly aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter expands so this could be extreme events for countries or individuals that have planets within the range of these degree marks (3 degrees on either side of the eclipse mark in the sign of Leo or Aquarius).

Purva Bhadrapa is a very transformational nakshatra. Sacrifice for the higher good is indicated to the point of being radical even. The Leo/Aquarius axis, where the nodes are presently, is about personal power versus the good for all humanity.

An eclipse season is not a good time to start new activities but it is an excellent time for doing inner work such as meditation or introspection. I suggest that one avoid important new activities about two weeks before and after the eclipse. Also, eclipses tend to bring things that have been hidden to light. Pay attention to the news and you will see this in action. People tend to be on edge during eclipse periods and behave strangely so exercise more patience with others and yourself. You can get great insight from your dreams during this time as well. Be diligent about writing down your dreams for you will get answers to things that you have been pondering.

The other big news for February and most of the year (until mid September) is that Mars will be in the sign of Scorpio with Saturn. Mars entered Scorpio on February 20, where it is quite strong. It does dip back into Libra in late June for about a month. Mars rules over matters such as our energy, courage, athletic ability, surgery and blood, brothers, war, anger and real estate. Mars with Saturn can cause frustration but with the determination to overcome challenges. Mars is more indicative of our personal will and Saturn is the higher good. I will focus on this combination and how it affects each sign.

The following new moon horoscopes are for your Vedic rising sign but you can read for your Moon sign as well.


With Mars transiting your eighth house you could have some health issues arise that will need immediate attention. You may even need a surgery during this transit. This is no time to push anything to the side regarding your health or well being physically or emotionally. There is money due to you that you may have to fight for. It could be from insurance claims or other settlements. With Saturn in your eighth house there will be delays in receiving it but just know that if you are persistent then it will pay off.


The focus is on your work and career right now. There is so much going on in that realm. You are having to wear a lot of hats and take on more responsibility to get things done. There could be shakeups like someone leaves suddenly or there is a buyout and you have to make a decision to stay or go. Expect the unexpected for sure and try not to get too attached to the outcomes. With Mars and Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships it would be wise not to enter into any contractual agreements with a business partner during this time. This conjunction can also cause many arguments with your romantic partner. This will definitely be a testing period for the relationship.


You are receiving a lot of attention in the workplace and rightly so. You have earned it for sure! Traveling for work is strongly possible and there will be plenty of fun social events too that come from work associations. Mars and Saturn are in your sixth house for most of this year until September. This falls in the house of service, health and daily work. Employees and co-workers could be unreliable and quit at the most inconvenient times. You could be doing more than your fair share of work as a result. It is extremely important that you get enough physical exercise as you are more prone to work related stress.


If you have children then Mars and Saturn in your fifth house will bring more responsibilities. They may have more activities that they need carpooling to or their needs are increasing due to things like uniforms, tuition for school, etc. A new baby could come into your life even. Children could be more rebellious and have disrespectful attitudes that will need to be firmly addressed with this Mars transit. Opportunities for romance could come your way but it will probably be based more on sexual attraction and conquest than true love. The fifth house is parties and social events so get out and have a little fun!


Something unpleasant about your romantic or business partner may come to light at this time and you will have to deal with it head on. You may need to reassess and adjust your expectations considerably. There is an emphasis on your property or home during the transit of Mars and Saturn through your fourth house of residence. If you are trying to sell your property during this time then you will need to be very patient. You may have to fix a lot of things to attract the right buyer. In general, it is a good time to make repairs or updates to the home.


Siblings could be a source of frustration and things that have bottled up for years could come out in anger. You may have to take a break from them for a while until things cool down. Mars transiting your third house can give you more ambition and you could become more competitive with others. This is a good transit for writing projects or speaking about your area of expertise. Saturn in the third house can give discipline for going back to school or earning a certification that you desire.


Mars and Saturn transit your second house and this house is about earned income. For Libra ascendants this can be really good for earning money but you have to be careful with how you spend. Mars in the second house can burn “a hole in your pocket” with regards to your spending habits. Be very careful with investing as you could attract dishonest individuals in this area. In fact, it would be rather wise to wait until after this transit completes in mid September.


The Saturn/Mars conjunction occurs in the first house and can have quite an impact personally on Scorpio ascendants. Mars is the ruling planet so it can give more drive and energy but when it gets closer to Saturn in degrees it will cause a lot of frustration as in a push/pull feeling. Expect to be quite busy in your work. You can get a lot done but you also have to learn when to say ‘Enough’ and ‘Done’! Get plenty of exercise to release some of the tension from your constant obligations.


With two malefic planets Mars and Saturn transiting your twelfth house you may find it difficult to get good quality sleep. You may even experience bad dreams or nightmares. Having a regular nightly meditation will help calm your mind before bedtime. Be sure to lock your doors and set your alarm system when you leave your home or business as you could be more susceptible to thieves. Be careful who you share your secrets with especially in the workplace.


Saturn and Mars transit your eleventh house for a good part of the year. This is good for finances and you may even have a windfall. Focus on your highest goals in life as the eleventh house is the house of manifesting your ultimate wishes and desires. Saturn has been in this house for a while clearing out friends that do not uplift you. In general, you could be quite disappointed in friends and people in the groups and organizations that you are a part of. Use this opportunity to align only with the people that you have a true heart connection with and are a reflection of the Divine in you. Do not be surprised if you have a falling out with a person that you once considered a close friend. It may be time to go your separate ways.


Getting your ideas across to others is easier and it is a good time to have discussions relating to creative pursuits. In your business or workplace there is frustration but the transit of Saturn and Mars in your tenth house can be quite beneficial with persistence and patience. Stabilize the foundation of your business before you take on any more responsibilities. Research your competition thoroughly and know what you are up against. This is a good month to update your appearance as Venus transits your first house of appearance.


It is imperative that you continue to get enough rest and alone time to recharge. Pay close attention to your dreams as you will get a lot of information and they could be trying to tell you something important regarding your health. The transit of Saturn and Mars through your ninth house could bring frustrations and more delays with travel. This does not mean that you will not travel but you may want to put off a pleasure trip until after this transit completes in mid September.