Want to take your yoga and Ayurveda practice to the next level?  Want weight loss? More health? A different job or more money?  A partner or better relationship?

For so many problems an answer can be found in jyotish or vedic astrology.

In a Jyotish reading one is provided with an astrological chart.  The Jyotish charts are a key that tells us what is in the DNA, what is in the subtle body and what is in the sub-conscious mind.

Hopefully we are all familiar at this point with how much the sub conscious mind influences us, as well as that our vibration affects our life in a very concrete way. The thoughts and emotions floating around in our subconscious mind are creating circumstance.

The blocks in the chakras reflect as problems in life.  When those blocks are cleared our lives become different.

A jyotish chart or astrological chart shows us what karma we are working with for our life, and specifics for each particular time.  This applies to all areas of life.


Mantras are powerful Sanskrit sounds that create divine frequencies and burn negative karma.  Mantras are tools for spiritual power.

Sanskrit is a vibrational language made up of 50 sounds.  Each sound corresponds to a petal on the first 6 chakras.  “Manas” means mind and “tra” means to set free.

By silently chanting these words, you are energizing your life energy or prana and creating a specific vibration in your subtle body.  The heat generated from the practice burns any karmic debris in the subtle body.

The intention of the mantra gives a specific flavor.  You become whatever you think.  Mantras are spiritual formulas producing a specific result, previously tested and verified by an ancient sage.

Which mantra you do is guided by what you would like to accomplish.  Mantras work for every sort of problem, no exceptions.

Jyotish is standard practice for people practicing yoga and/or Ayurveda in India.  Jyotish provides a wealth of information and gives us a much better quality of life.

A jyotish like myself can provide support in 3 ways:

Vibrational Healing
Chanting mantras over you. You’ll benefit from the millions of mantras I’ve chanted.

Jyotish Reading
Gain insight into the problems you are facing.

A mantra given to you by a qualified jyotish can help move your life in the direction you want to go.

Jai Ganesha!