The liver is the center for all activities related to the metabolism of the human body. It is the detoxification center of the body and its proper functioning is essential for healthy living.

One of the most effective herbal medicines for maintaining optimum liver function is Picrorhiza Kurroa or Kutki.

Kutki is a small perennial herbaceous plant that is very beneficial for all kinds of liver and digestive problems. It bears purplish white flowers. It is usually found in mountainous regions at a height of 3000 – 5000 meters above sea level.

Common Names for Picrorhiza Kurroa

Picrorhiza Kurroa is known by these names:

  • KADU

Benefits Of Kutki Or Picrorhiza Kurroa

  • The plant has numerous glycosides and natural plant steroids that are useful as a strong anti-inflammatory agent and also prevent aggregation of the blood platelets.
  • It’s an extremely bitter hepato-protective tonic that also promotes normal functioning of the gall bladder. It is a great source of natural anti-oxidants to the body and also boosts the immune system.
  • Kutki has amazing benefits on the upper respiratory region as well. It is one of the best natural treatment options available for the treatment of bronchial asthma.
  • In the digestive system, kutki works towards establishing harmony between the abdominal organs. It regulates the bowel movement by managing and preventing chronic diarrhea as well as constipation.
  • In case of patients who have problems like gastro-esophageal reflux disease, kutki acts by neutralizing the excessive acidic secretions and prevents dyspepsia.
  • In case of skin diseases like Psoriasis and Vitiligo, Picorrhizo kurro is a good natural medicine to consider.
  • It is a great hepatic stimulant as it promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes.
  • Many allopathic medicines have a hepatotoxic effect when consumed over a period of time. Kutki helps to detoxify the effects of these medicines and prevents liver damage. It is the best natural treatment for Liver Cirrhosis and Viral Hepatitis. It also protects the liver from other infections and prevents Liver damage. In case of alcoholism, it prevents liver damage due to excess alcohol intake.
  • It has also shown anti-parasitic activities against Leishmania donovani which causes the disease Leishmaniasis. It works as an antidote for the treatment of various snake bites and anti-venoms available.
  • It has a great anti-pyretic action. It is also effective for people looking to lose weight and helps eliminate worms from the intestines in the form of feces.
  • Amongst its other actions are its anti-epileptic activity and its efficacy in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Side Effects Of Kutki or Picrorhiza Kurroa

    • It is a strong purgative and an over dosage of Kutki may cause loose stool or diarrhea.
    • In children, it has to be used with caution as over dosage may cause serious abdominal upset.
    • It is better to avoid taking kutki at the time of pregnancy or lactation.