Use the August waxing cycle to maximize your heart power, inner energy and dharmic potential by finding your most essential core needs. Gather the resources and support necessary to find greater stability, support and strength.

Gain from relationships as they are your most potent resource for healing, transformation and growth.


Focus on home and heart until mid month, then bring light into your romantic relationships, as well as children and intuition. Shine brighter and honor your gut wisdom more consciously. You’re either helping your digestion or not.


Your heart, home and mother are a powerful focus this month. Be courageous and creative. Take steps towards your liberation and notice where you are avoiding or neglecting your soft inner realms. There is healing possible right now.


Creativity and courage take center stage right now. Your hands are alive and active! Use them to re-create your life and bring your visions into form. Part of you is ready to leap forward and yet there are obstacles with the steps.


Your mouth is a big focus right now. What you say, eat, share and express are all powerful and charged this month. Learn to refine and refocus what goes in and out of your mouth. This is connected to your power and ability to be seen and heard.


This is a potent month for you. It’s as though everything is happening at once and yet things aren’t happening fast enough. Challenges and frustrations arrive with change and transformation. Stay true to your inner guidance systemand learn to simplify.


Deep liberation and letting go are arriving right now. Release and align within. Spend time alone and in meditation. Let yourself be on retreat right now. Integrate, balance, hit reset. You are digesting the final pieces of Jupiter in Leo which is the end of a 12 year cycle for you.


Gains are awakening and stirring you, however pausing is necessary in order to integrate the changes. Keep focusing on career and being seen until mid month, then step into your power more fully for maximum support.


The cosmos is asking a lot of you right now. There’s so much willingness for change and transformation, yet resistance and obstacles hindering your steps. Goals and desires are intensifying. Where are the blockages within your heart that are keeping you from making more progress and bigger leaps?


Dharma is fully charged and active right now. Are you stepping towards or away from your path and purpose? What obstacles are showing up tothwart your progresses? What resources are showing up to support you?


It’s a deep and powerful time for inner transformation. This process is awakening your inner power, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. Relationships are shining the light on where the inner work is.  Dance with your vulnerability and power.


Relationships are proving to be a complex organism for you right now. There are resources and challenges showing up simultaneously. Are you gathering the insights and letting go of all that is not serving you? It’s time to be radical in the release.


Healing has been intense and powerful lately. Clear and clean your gut, in order for more clarity and precision with your awareness and intelligence. Old conflicts and challenges are rising to the surface. You are your own enemy.

*All timing is given in Pacific Standard Time Zone.

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