Jupiter transits Virgo from August 11th 2016 to September 11th 2017. Jupiter transits are one year long and impact all levels of wisdom, knowledge, comfort and support. He leads you to your dharmic path and now offers his stability and support on a mental body level as he transits through Mercury’s sign, Virgo, in the coming year.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication- verbal, written and creative. Virgo brings healing through creativity, connection and co-creation. This sign also supports the market place, commerce and all things connected to money and finances.

This year of Jupiter moving through Virgo will expand earth based energies, mainly the material realms. Any resistance to creating, manifesting and enlivening what you want on the earth plane will come to the forefront.

As Virgo connects to the sixth house of healing and the mental body, it is also a prime opportunity to heal and transform any blockages or limiting beliefs keeping you from bringing your desires into form. This includes financial and monetary blockages.

There is a lot of expansion available with creativity, healing and manifesting in this cycle. What resources do you need to maximize this transit? Where are you stuck, resistant, avoiding or neglecting your dreams, visions and creativity?


Jupiter will transit your 6th house in the coming 13 months. This transit of Jupiter will impact finances, bad habits, healing and enemies. Jupiter is a naturally expansive planet, so he will bring more of whatever he touches.


In the coming months, Jupiter will move through your 5th house of solar plexus, upper gut, romance, children and intuition. There is also a connection to father and the masculine. He will support expansion in these areas of your life.


Home, heart, mother and land are expanding you in the coming year, supporting growth with your career and deep transformation as well. There is a release and letting go arriving paving the way for more of what you truly want and need.


Jupiter will transit your 3rd house in the coming 13 months. This is the house of creativity, communication, courage and the arts. He will expand your connections and co-creation process as well as projects and artistic endeavors.


As Jupiter moves through your 2nd house, comfort and support expands- as well as finances and resources. At the same time, communication through speaking increases, which impacts your career and visibility.


Jupiter has moved to your 1st house for the coming 13 months, where he is prepared to support you in more life honoring ways. This is a dharmic cycle on multiple levels, helping you deepen your inner intelligence and intuitive guidance system.


As Jupiter transits your 12th house this coming year, losses and release are impacted. This can be a very spiritual cycle for you, or one of hardship- depending on how you work with it. Seek support to help you navigate the challenges.


With Jupiter in your 11th house of gains, increase occurs on all levels of your life- but not without necessary release and pruning. The expansion arrives by letting go of people and actions that don’t serve you or honor your needs.


Jupiter awakens your 10th house of career in this 13 month cycle. Expansion, resources, growth and development arrive with your life offering and work. This supports increased finances and balance with money and comforts.


Jupiter will move through your 9th house of dharma in the coming months, activating your life purpose in very important ways. This is a very expansive time for your inner knowing, helping you to trust your purpose here on earth.


You are being cracked open so wide right now. Jupiter will increase this theme even more. The coming 13 months will be an intense and deep process of awakening for you. Not easy, but necessary for deeper awareness.


Jupiter brings expansion to your relationships in this 13 month cycle, but not without mental and emotional body work. Stabilize and seek support. Your pelvis will be a natural resource for awakening this understanding more potently.

*All timing is given in Pacific Standard Time Zone.

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