The new moon in Taurus occurs in the lunar mansion of Rohini, the moon’s favorite placement. One of the symbols for this lunar mansion is a chariot. It is also referred to as the “Star of Ascent.” This is one of the most favored lunar mansions to get married in as it is a passionate, sexually seductive lunar mansion. It is also associated with fertility.

People born with this lunar mansion prominent in their charts are attractive and alluring. The caution is to not use sex to get their needs met.

Mars Is Retrograde

Mars entered Scorpio on February 20, where it has joined Saturn for much of the year. This conjunction has been one of the most prominent astrological happenings for the year. Saturn has been in Scorpio for awhile and has caused frustration for some people in certain areas of their life where it transits in their chart. Mars is currently retrograde and will dip back into Libra for a bit at mid month. This could give a bit of relief but still a retrograde planet can cause frustration.

When a planet is retrograde then that means that it is very close to the Earth. This makes the influence of that planet stronger than usual.  Mars rules over matters such as our energy, courage, athletic ability, surgery and blood, brothers, war, anger and real estate. It is harder to work things out that require compromise as Mars is a planet that represents aggression in general. If you have unresolved anger then this is a fantastic time to learn how to deal with it and channel it in healthy ways. Overall, it is a time to review your goals and what you truly want and desire.

Venus, Mars + New Moon: New Beginnings

Venus and Mars are aspecting each other by opposition on the new moon.  They are in their own signs where they are more powerful. This can make for a lusty combination. I would suggest a date night usually. Sober Saturn is making an aspect to Venus so just know that you have a stern escort. The thing to note is that Venus is cazimi on the new moon, meaning that it is in the same degree as the sun. The sun usually burns up planets and causes them to be combust but when it is in the same degree it empowers that planet for what it represents. Venus is of love, beauty and sensuality. It also denotes music, poetry, women and great wealth. It rules the signs of Taurus and Libra and is exalted (at greatest strength) in the sign of Pisces. As the new moon is a time of new beginnings then I will give some ideas to how you can employ that.

The following predictions are for your Vedic rising sign but you can read for your Moon sign as well.


You have a captive audience and this is a good month to gracefully get your message out there. This transit of Mars through your seventh house can also cause many arguments with your romantic partner or business partner. You will find that they can be testy or more on edge. You will need to exercise more patience with them as this will blow over by mid July.


This is a great time to update your appearance by buying new clothes or cosmetics, etc. Employees and co-workers could be unreliable and quit at the most inconvenient times. Perhaps you should take a look at how you are treating your employees before you cast all the blame. Are you treating them fairly, compensating them fairly and showing gratitude? It is extremely important that you get enough physical exercise as you are more prone to work related stress.


With Venus transiting your twelfth house you could take a fantastic trip to a foreign and exotic place. Children could be more rebellious and have disrespectful attitudes that will need to be firmly addressed with this Mars transit. Opportunities for romance could come your way. Accept invitations to parties and social events. You will meet new people and have fun.


Venus transiting your eleventh house could bring in friends from the past and this will add a touch of sweetness to your life. This is a great time to socialize and enjoy art and cultural activities. There could be extra expenses related to the home as things could break. Also, make sure that your vehicles are serviced and registrations are up to date.


Mars in the third house can give you more ambition and you could become more competitive with others. This is a good transit for writing projects or speaking engagements. Career wise you will stand out this month and it will be easier to get your ideas across to others. If you are a business owner then consider updating your website.


This month can be really good for earning money but you have to be careful with how you spend. Mars in the second house can burn “a hole in your pocket” with regards to your spending habits. If you have been thinking of taking a pleasure trip then this is the time as Venus goes through your ninth house of travel. Also, taking a workshop or class will be a good use of your time.


Venus transiting the eighth house can bring disappointment in love. Re-examine your expectations of your partner or current love interest and you will be at peace. The sun’s transit through your eighth house has caused you to feel lower energy as of late but this should pass by mid month. Be sure to get extra rest. Consider doing a weekend cleanse.


With Mars backing up into your twelfth house you may find it difficult to get good quality sleep. You may even experience bad dreams or nightmares. Having a regular nightly meditation will help calm your mind before bedtime. Be sure to lock your doors and set your alarm system when you leave your home or business as you could be more susceptible to thieves. Be careful who you share your secrets with especially in the workplace.


New people that come into your life right now could turn out to be “frenemies.” Be careful of what you confide in others. A person that you once considered your friend could turn on you. Singles could meet someone through work. Venus transits your sixth house and this is also a house of service. How can you serve and help others? This will give you great pleasure. This is an excellent time to get a new pet.


This is a highly creative time for Capricorn ascendants as Venus starts out in the fifth house of creativity. Venus is the best planet for this ascendant and the fifth house is one of the very best houses of the natal chart. Place your focus on your creative endeavors. A new relationship could come in too. The fifth house is the house of romance. Rekindle the fires of a current one if you need too.


Happier times are here for Aquarius ascendants. If things have been stagnant in the relationship department then the recent direct motion of Jupiter should help out and bring some ease and comfort. There is a major focus on home and happiness this month as Venus transits the fourth house of home, residence and overall emotional happiness. You may want to do some cosmetic updates to your home. Maybe you can spend less time at work and take a staycation.


With Mars transiting your eighth house you could have some health issues arise that will need immediate attention. You may even need a surgery during this transit. This is no time to push anything to the side regarding your health or well being physically or emotionally. Resist the urge to charge on credit cards.