This quick chart shows the major planetary transits in the month of January and into February, 2017. How will these January transits affect you?

Scroll down to read the quick horoscopes below or consult with a jyotish or vedic (eastern) astrologer.

Looking Ahead: January Transits

January 8th: Mercury Direct
January 12th: Full Moon in Gemini and Punarvasu Nakshatra
January 13th: Sun in Capricorn
January 14th: Makar Sankranti
January 20th: Mars to Pisces
January 26th: Saturn to Sagittarius
January 27th: Venus to Pisces, its exaltation sign + New Moon in Capricorn and Sravana nakshatra
February 3rd: Mercury to Capricorn
February 5th: Jupiter Retrograde
February 10th: Full Moon in Cancer and Ashlesha nakshatra
February 12th: Sun to Aquarius

January Horoscopes


Children, romance and gains continue to be vulnerable, so don’t drop your guard. These areas of your life need your focus and attention. Be diligent. Career is powerful and activated as Sun transits your 10th house. 


Heart, home and emotions continue to get your focus, while career demands your attention. You are learning to step into your power more fully and learning from power, playfulness and desire. Step out and be seen.


Keep working on your courage and bravery, as well as your creative powers. Expand your heart, while learning how to balance boundaries and inner needs. This is a time of pause and honoring your darkness.  


Watch your speech and focus on getting the nourishment you need. This comes from diving deeply into your unconscious inner terrain. These very hidden parts of your being are sharing their wisdom with you right now.


You are trying to expand and grow, and at the same time feeling very challenged by it. Your head is in the shadows and it’s hard to see where you’re going right now. Relationships are requiring your diligence.


This is a powerful time of self growth and inner expansion. What are you learning about yourself? What are you learning from your relationships? Great healing is possible right now, when you look at your challenges directly. 


Relationships continue to bring confusion and fascination. What are you learning about yourself? Look within. The answers you seek and the uncertainty you are confronting requires your willingness to dive deeper. 


Radically step into your courage and creative power and don’t hold back! Go for what you long for and activate your biggest desires. Where are you playing small and resisting the nourishment of life?


There is such a longing to be clear on your path and purpose, and yet so much confusion surfacing simultaneously. Seek resources and support to align with your dharma and get radical about this desire.  


The light bulb is on in your head! You are shining brightly and people are taking notice. Where are you directing your powerful light? Do this with deep intention and don’t squander this auspicious time. 


Relationships are still causing confusion and uncertainty, as well as growth and wisdom. You are learning a lot about yourself in the process and gaining new awareness along the way. Learn the art of letting go.


You are learning from relationships and beginning to understand what you deeply need for support, stability and safety. Gains come from your clarity, although it’s taking courage. What is blocking you from receiving fully? 

* All timing is Mountain Standard Time.

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