If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) you may know either intuitively or through various media that acidity has something to do with your bladder pain and other symptoms.

To eliminate the acidity from the diet and reduce symptoms of pelvic pain there are many dietary recommendations.

Just by eliminating known trigger foods and making fundamental changes in your nutritional format you can go a long way toward resolution of your symptoms.

But what foods to avoid often comes down to “who’s doing the eating?”. According to the energy science of Ayurveda the nutritional format that’s recommended is unique to each person and their current condition.

IBS Pain and Food Incompatibility

At times we don’t know that what we are eating is making us sick. Did you know that pain from IBS can also be related to the acidic loading that occurs from poor food combining?

Some foods don’t belong with one another. For example, fruit with any other food is commonly practiced yet it can lead to poor digestion and symptoms of bloating and abdominal pain if done frequent enough.

In the energy science of Ayurveda every food has unique qualities and when foods are combined which are antagonistic to one another they may be toxic to the mind-body.

Here’s a thorough list of incompatible food combinations.

Don’t eat with fruit, eggs, cheese, fish, milk, meat, yogurt.

Eat fruit by itself for optimal digestion. Melons especially should be eaten alone.

Don’t eat with fruit or tapioca.

Don’t eat boiled or cooked honey. Do not eat with an equal amount of ghee by weight.

Don’t eat with cucumbers, tomatoes, yogurt or milk.

Don’t eat with bananas, cherries, melons or sour fruits, breads made with yeast, fish or kitchari.

Don’t eat with melons, cucumbers or dairy.

Don’t eat with fruit, cheese, eggs, fish, hot drinks, meat, milk or nightshades.

A strong digestion is the most important physiologic tool to deal with poor food combining aside from not combining in the first place.

An Ayurveda Approach To IBS Pain

In Ayurveda nutrition is more than diet. The study of diet concerns itself with molecules of the food ingested. Ayurveda takes into account not only the qualities of the foods taken in and how these qualities interact but also the impact of the digestion of foods on the mind-body physiology.

Here are 3 things you can do right now to stop or reduce the flares of IBS:

1. Find out your energetic body type or dosha with this simple quiz.

2. Choose a nutritional format appropriate for your mind-body energy makeup.

3. Find two incompatible food combinations in your diet and find a replacement for them.

 Photo courtesy of Morguefile.com.