The new moon in Virgo occurs in the lunar mansion of Hasta. The symbol for Hasta is the hand. People born with this lunar mansion prominent in their charts are generally good with their hands in some way. They could use their hands for healing or artistic talent. There could also be an interest in palmistry.

Mars has finally moved from the sign of Scorpio into fiery Sagittarius. The Mars Saturn conjunction that flavored a lot of this year was a stressful combination for many so this should ease things a bit.

Venus moved into the sign of Libra where it is quite strong and supported. This can be a good period for relationships and some people may even fall in love! Venus also denotes creative energy and our value systems. You may feel inspired to start a creative project or buy some beautiful new things.

If you have Venus in Libra in your birth chart then relationships in general are all important. Venus in Libra natives and they require harmony sometimes to the point of giving in for the sake of peace. They are sensual and loving partners. The keyword for Libra is balance.

Horoscopes for October, New Moon Predictions

The following predictions are for your Vedic rising sign but you can read for your Moon sign as well. Wondering how to use astrology in your daily life? Read this easy guide.


Venus transiting through your seventh house can bring more harmony into your committed or marriage relationships. Even business partnerships can benefit from this transit. Keep an open heart. Your powers of attraction are at its peak and you will find that others are taking more notice of you. You could reignite a romance or even meet someone and fall in love.


Serving and helping others will give you great pleasure. You will want to avoid the temptation to indulge in sweets as Venus in the sixth house of diet can increase sugar cravings. If you have been thinking of getting a new pet then this is a great time for that. Bravely face your hidden fears. What is brought into the light cannot harm you.


Venus transits your fifth house of romance and creativity this month so you will want to take advantage of this. Keep your heart open to the opportunities that could come your way. Purchase tickets to a play or other performance. You could meet someone special and begin a new romance. If you are in a committed relationship then your partner could be a little testy. Try to exercise some patience. This will pass.


This is a good month for making home improvements and updates to your environment as Venus transits your fourth house of home and happiness. Shop for some beautiful and luxurious pieces for your home or make some updates such as painting or adding trim. You may even want to have a festive party with friends and family to show off your beautiful new environment. Be patient with co-workers or employees. You never know what is going on in a person’s personal life.


Venus transits your third house and this is great for writing, communicating your ideas to others or taking short fun trips. Creative endeavors that involve the arts are highlighted. The third house is about using the hands so it is a good time to paint or sculpt. Relationships with siblings that have been distant or strained can definitely be improved. There is a strong need to reconnect with your family and heritage.


You may want to buy sometimes luxurious for yourself or a loved one as Venus transits your second house of money and spending. Do watch your diet carefully though as you will have opportunities for decadent meals. This could be a good time for having surgery or procedures on your teeth or face.  


This month is great for updating your personal appearance. Your powers of attraction are increased as you will have more confidence. Do be extra careful of who you spend your time with as you are very sensitive to other’s energy. A visit from a female or your mother will be very comforting. Avoid unnecessary confrontation with your siblings or neighbors.


You could take a fantastic trip to a foreign and exotic place. This could be a time of great healing on an emotional level if you can release old hurts and resentments that you have been holding onto. Your dreams will be lighter in content. You should really pay close attention as they are trying to give you some information that could bring some peace and closure. Think before you speak as your speech could be a little more fiery than usual.


The theme for the month is definitely friendship and social groups. Venus transiting your eleventh house will connect you with sincere and compassionate friends. You may hear from an old dear friend or you could meet someone who will become an important part of your life. Try to curb a tendency to be impulsive when driving or operating machinery. You do not want to cause yourself or others an accident.  


This is a fabulous career month for Capricorn ascendants as Venus is transiting your tenth house. I consider Venus to be the most auspicious planet for this ascendant sign. If you are in a creative field then you will sudden have flashes of creative insight. Even if you are not in a creative career then this is your chance to incorporate more creativity into your work. If you are a business owner then consider updating your logo, website or image. Do be extra careful of your surroundings especially at night. Be sure to lock your doors and set your alarm when you are away from your home or office.


Your energy will be at a low point as the sun transits your eighth house of vitality. You should take great care to get more rest.  You will feel a sense of renewal with your beliefs and spiritual path and this will bring you hope and comfort.  A new teacher could come into your life that inspires you to go deeper on your path.  If you have been looking for your path then this could be the time when you find a teaching or spiritual book that really resonates with you.


You could receive a promotion in your current job as there is room for advancement. Know your competition but be cautious to not compete with higher-ups openly. You may need to readjust your expectations of your partner or current love interest. Otherwise, there could be disappointments that could have been avoided.