The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide showcases the love, creativity and heartfelt inspiration of health and yoga-loving creatives everywhere.

Compiled with love by Ayurvedic practitioner and publicist Denise Baron, this guide features quality made products from small to medium size businesses with a true passion for wellness. There’s something here for everyone on your list. Enjoy, share and warm some hearts.

This guide reads left to right so readers on all mobile devices can easily enjoy it. Some affiliate links are included.

for the dreamer

Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Starter Kit (pictured right) is a great gift for the spirit-centered go-getter. A holistic life-planning toolkit that includes The Desire Map book, The Desire Map journal, Desire Map Workbook and 2 CDs, Desire Map Daily.

for the skincare lover

A facial oil with brahmi, neem, argan oil, tulsi, ylang ylang, sandalwood and more. Arya Essentials is rooted in nature, purity and Ayurvedic tradition (their founder grew up in Kerala).

for the home

SoyVeda candles (pictured right) are made with all natural ingredients and Ayurvedic aromatherapy. Colorful tins are reminiscent of henna designs. 100% soy wax burns clean.

for sweethearts

Honey Butter Buttons from Moon Juice Shop (pictured right) are raw, gluten-free and non-GMO delights made with super simple ingredients: coconut butter, cacao butter, honey, cacao paste, pink salt. Sold by the piece.

for the littlest ones

Kateson baby clothes (pictured right) are ultra healthy. They’re 100% organic and hand-dyed in 24 healing herbs. No chemicals on your baby’s skin. Comes in a reusable cotton bag. Handmade in India.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

music for the journey

Everyone’s chanting and why not? It feels good! Donna De Lory (former back up singer for Madonna) has a new album out. Universal Light is heavenly devotional music with a beat. Catch a listen here.

for the stocking

This is your sinus saver, all winter long. Nasya oil (pictured right) lubricates the sinuses to help strengthen immunity. Add one to each stocking.

for moon gazers

Keep track of moon days with this gorgeous moon calendar created by herbalist Brittany Nickerson from Thyme Herbals and illustrator Chelsea Iris Granger.

for celebrations

Alaya’s Herbal Water (pictured right) makes a healthy and unique addition to your holiday table. Have it alone (still or flat) or use it to make an herbal cocktail.

for beauty buffs

Evan Healy products are plant-based, pure and effective. They have a fairly new Ayurvedic skincare line (pictured right) which includes a tulsi (holy basil) hydrosol. These gorgeous products are well loved by many and natural to the core.

for cold-footed yogis

Not everyone’s doing hot yoga these days (though it’s enticing in the cold). Stay warm throughout your practice with these open-toed socks from Tucketts.

for bodywork lovers

Kansa Wands (pictured right) improve the flow of prana or Ch’I, remove toxins and soften scar tissue. Developed by Melanie and Robert Sachs, the wands are used by aestheticians, body workers, acupuncturists and in marma therapy.

for gadget lovers

This little gadget is great for anyone that’s on the move. The Ampy Move (pictured right) is the ‘world’s first wearable motion charger’. Use the free app to track the calories you’ve burned and the life of you battery. Charge your smartphone as you move.

for skincare lovers

SkinVeda’s Tulsi Pore Refiner is perfect for kapha-type skin (large congested pores) and acne-prone skin. Slide this into a stocking and watch the smiles appear.

for the spirited

Philadelphia’s Art In The Age (AITA) creates flavored vodkas with new inspiration. Think rhubarb, sage, sweet potato and beet root. Watch and learn the history of the Root ‘Beer’ or check out the Chicory Chai Tea Latte recipe made with AITA Chicory Vodka.

for the gourmet

Tava 100% grass fed spreadable butters (pictured right) make a great gift for anyone. “Ghee” as it’s known in India has many health benefits. Check out the amazing recipes you can make with Tava spreadable butters.

for the kid in all of us

Dosha Pops are healthier boutique lollipop candies handmade in Brooklyn, NY by Peggy Andrews. Inspired by a desire for healthier living with Ayurveda, these candies are made with Ayurvedic teas like ginger, turmeric and cardamom.

for the conscious shopper

Thrive Market is an online marketplace offering top natural food brands at wholesale prices. For just $5- a month, you can shop for over 4000 products at 25-50% below retail prices. Purchase a membership for your loved ones. They’ll be thrilled.

for natural beauty buffs

Blue Beautifly is a conscious beauty company with great products for skin and hair. This Argan Facial Exfoliating Cleansing Bar has all the best ingredients: Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, turmeric, aloe, shea butter and argan oil.

for ink lovers

Adorn yourself with a playful temporary Sri Yantra tattoo from conscious creative Danielle LaPorte. The Sri Yantra sacred form interlocks triangles and symbolizes the unified cosmos. The tats come in both silver and gold.

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