The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide features conscious lifestyle and wellness products handpicked by the team here at There’s something here for everyone on your list. Enjoy, share and warm some hearts.

This guide reads left to right so readers on all mobile devices can easily enjoy it. Some affiliate links are included.

for the tea drinker

The perfect blend of ‘golden milk’ spices for boosting digestion and adding some turmeric to your diet. Numi’s Turmeric Golden Latte comes in Turmeric Chai or Turmeric Cocoa.

Numi Turmeric Chai

for the herbalist

An herbal card deck with Ayurvedic energetics is in production. Sign up for a free monthly Spice Deck wisdom card and be the first to know when printing is completed.


for the seeker

Gift your loved one something they can enjoy throughout the year – a subscription to Spirituality & Health Magazine.


for conscious consumers

High vibration Amrita Bottles are etched with sacred forms like the Sri Yantra and the Flower of Life. Drink sacred.

for the scentual

Soy candles are clean burning and these Dosha Candles from Artisanal Being, blended with pure essential oils, will invoke an air of balance.

Dosha Candles

for the yogi/ni

An eco-friendly yoga mat made with natural rubber, Jade Yoga Mats are renewable and contain no synthetics.


for girlfriends

Mala Collective shawls are handmade in India of natural fabrics. They’re the perfect light wrap for travel, meditation or layering.


for healthy cooks

Over 100 seasonal Ayurvedic recipes adapted for the western cook. What To Eat For How You Feel is the perfect introduction to Ayurveda.

for yogis/yoginis

A New York Times bestseller, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide To Joy is a self-empowerment guide on the teachings of classical yoga.

Inner Engineering

to adorn + protect

Tulku Jewels Parvati Coral Mala supports Mars, the sexual chakra and brings the heated energy of Fire into your life.

Tulku Jewels Parvati Coral Mala

for deep relaxation

Everything you need for a luxurious bath. Gemstone Organics Ceremonial Chakra Bath kits contain candles, tea, infused dead sea salts, gemstones, a sage bundle and more.

for the home

Vintage Kantha Throws are reversible and hand-stitched. Each piece is totally unique. They’re made of reclaimed sari materials by female artisans throughout India.

Kantha Collection Vintage Kantha Throw

for essential oil lovers

The synergy of ingredients is what makes Nirvani Bliss Blends unique. These dosha specific essential oils provide subtle but profound support for balance and wellbeing.

for the athlete

A daily superfood to nourish the entire body, HANAH One is an Ayurvedic rasayana to improve clarity, energy, libido and overall wellbeing.

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