A good night’s sleep is nourishing and healthy for your body, mind and soul. Eight hours of sleep is refreshing and adequate for your body. Sleep is as much important as food is to the body, or rather much more important. So if the quality of your sleep is low and you suffer from insomnia, consider the following home remedies and herbs to treat insomnia.

Causes and Symptoms of Insomnia

The main cause of insomnia is tension and anxiety. Another cause for insomnia is excessive intake of tea and coffee. A person undergoing emotional stress or worries too much can also develop this disorder. The primary symptoms of insomnia are:

  • Loss of sleep
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Irritation, restlessness and fatigue
  • Constant waking up at night


Insomnia can add to existing tension and anxiety. This may lead to depression and cardiac arrest. Excessive disorder can lead to fatigue, constant stress and mental trauma or death. Consult your health care provider for treatment.

Home Remedies For Insomnia

  • Have a glass of hot milk with green cardamom powder before going to bed. Taking it on a regular basis can relax one’s mind and give a good night’s sleep.
  • Have one teaspoon of licorice root powder with a glass of cold milk every morning on an empty stomach. It is an effective medicine which is good for insomnia.
  • You can boil around 3 grams of fresh mint leaves or around 1.5 grams of dried powder of mint leaves in one glass of water for 20 minutes and drink it. It is good for insomnia too.
  • Massage your feet with lukewarm mustard oil two to three times a day and before retiring to bed. This will increase blood circulation and relax one’s mind.
  • Add one teaspoon of brahmi and ashwagandha powder in two glasses of water. Boil them and then reduce it to one glass and drink it. Do it daily in the mornings to reduce headache.
  • Sprinkle one teaspoon of cumin on a sliced banana. Eat it regularly at night for good digestive system and curing insomnia.

Ayurvedic Herbs For Insomnia


Ashwagandha, translated to English means “smell of the horse” which highlights two of its prominent qualities, that is, smell of the roots and strength of a horse. The primary quality of the herb is that it vitalizes our mind and improves memory. It is also good for insomnia as it refreshes our nerves and relaxes them.


Tagar is a powerful herb which is used for rejuvenation. The herb is used to relax our nerves and clear out toxins from blood, blood vessels, joints etc. Tagar, also known as Indian Valerian, should not be taken alone. It should be mixed with other herbs first as it may have some dulling effect.


Jatamansi is a sedative herb, which is used to tranquilize a patient. It helps in relaxation of nervous system and is very effective in case of neurosis. It increases neurotransmission and is good for memory too. The herb is known to cure fatigue as well. It is powerful and effective in the case of insomnia.


Shankhapushpi is an ancient herb, which has been used for brain rejuvenation for ages. The herb cures insomnia by clearing the nerve cells of toxins and opening capillaries for better blood circulation. It prevents mental fatigue and gives rest to the brain. It boosts brain and cures hypertension, insomnia and depression.


Brahmi is one of the most important herbs for insomnia and mental problems like mental fatigue. It is a brain tonic which rejuvenates the brain and brain cells. It provides vitality and longevity. Brahmi is an effective herb in case of insomnia, tension, fatigue, depressions etc. For ages it has been used as a tranquilizer to cure patients.


Vacha is an efficient mind calming herb which cures tension and insomnia. The herb is sort if a coolant which relaxes the nerves thereby inducing sleep. Vacha has a speeding effect on human mind, taking away tensions, emotional stress and depressions. It is a nervous tonic for the mind and body.


Sarpagandha is a highly important Ayurvedic herb which has multiple curing qualities. It is used for curing obesity, hypertension, insomnia, stress etc. It is a powerful tranquilizer and induces sleep. It clears toxins from the blood, blood vessels, digestive system and destroys poisons. It is also good for the heart and cures insanity.

Insomnia should not be taken lightly because it can become fatal. Cure insomnia through Ayurveda for better living. Many herbal remedies are available in the market as it is difficult some time to make formulations at home.

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