Fall is here and that means it’s Vata season. The weather is cooler, the wind is blowing, the air is dry and all natural life is going dormant for the coming winter. This is the time to adjust to new lifestyle practices to keep the system in balance, and disease at bay.

Here’s our list of favorite lifestyle tips from Ayurveda:

Oil Massage

Warm oil massage is a fantastic way to soothe the body and mind and keep  Vata dosha in balance. Sesame oil is particlarly good for pacifying Vata.

Warm, grounding foods

Squash is now in abundance in the marketplace and it’s perfect for pacifiying Vata dosha. Root vegetables also work well. Choose warm soups and stews, hot beverages and hot cereals. Limit or avoid foods that are dry, rough, coarse, cold and raw. Examples of these include dry snacks, salads, ice creams, granolas and iced drinks.

Rest and Routine

Vata dosha is provoked when one’s daily routine is irregular. Be sure to get plenty of rest and keep a regular routine.


Fall is a great time to receive Panchakarma, Ayurveda’s traditional cleanse. Panchakarma can be done in a clinic with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner, or it can be done at home, under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. Halt any imbalance in your body and return to good health with a Panchakarma cleanse. Your body will thank you!