Out of all of the gifts that I have given my father, the ones he has appreciated by far the most are ones where I simply spend some time with him.

There are many creative and unique ways to spend time with our loved ones. This year, I propose that you do so in a way that also invokes rejuvenation, relaxation, and a deep sense of love and gratitude. 

A head and foot massage, coupled with some basic marma therapy (gentle pressure on vital energy points on the surface of the skin) will do just that (and save you some much needed cash at the same time!).

Pamper your father with this therapy, let him take a hot shower or soak in a bath afterwards, and then take him out to dinner to his favorite restaurant!

Marma Therapy + Massage Instructions

  1. Begin by setting the atmosphere. Make sure it is comfortably warm with serene music and soothing scents (lavender is often a sure bet). Prepare a bed that is soft and comfortable, but also layered with some old towels or linen that you do not mind getting oily.
  2. Have your father lie on his back on the bedding. You may cover him with a blanket to keep him warm.
  3. Center yourself. Take a moment to breathe deeply, set your intention, and connect your heart with your father’s.
  4. Place one hand on his forehead and one hand on his belly to ground his energy. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths.
  5. Situate yourself at the top of his head. Pour an ample amount of warmed oil (I suggest a blend of Brahmi and Bhringaraj Oil) over the top of his forehead (across his hairline). In small, circular motions with your fingertips, massage the oil into the scalp.
  6. Apply gentle pressure to his third eye with your left middle finger, and to the crown of his head with your right middle finger. Breathe.
  7. Cradle his head in your hands, massaging the base of his skull with your fingers. Apply gentle, steady pressure at his hairline on his neck. Breathe.
  8. Run your thumbs along the upper border of his eyebrow until you reach his temples. Massage his temples with three circular motions. Repeat this motion three times.
  9. Gently massage along the border of his ears, beginning at the top of the ear and ending at the ear lobe, three times.
  10. Reposition yourself at his feet. Pour warm oil into your hands and coat his left foot with a layer of oil.
  11. Grasping his foot in your hand, stroke the bottom of his foot from the heal to the toes in long, linear strokes. Begin on one side of the foot and end on the other.
  12. Apply steady and firm pressure to the center of the foot. Breathe.
  13. Massage each toe, beginning at the base of the toe and ending at the end of the nail. Apply gentle pressure to the tip of the nail of each toe. Breathe.
  14. Massage the ankles in firm, circular motions.
  15. Repeat on the other foot.
  16. Complete the massage by once again placing one hand on his forehead and the other hand on his belly. Breathe.
  17. Let him rest until he is ready to get up on his own.


You may want to suggest that he performs his own self-massage (abhyanga) before he showers or bathes. Here are some instructions and benefits of this giving practice! For a self-massage, a vata, pitta, or kapha oil may be ideal (depending on his constitution). Alternatively, you can provide a tridoshic oil.

I hope both you and your father enjoy this sweet practice. My father absolutely loved it and it set the tone for a wonderful evening of sharing and laughter.

More Healthy Father’s Day Gifts

Here are a few other gift ideas that he may appreciate.

  1. Joint Balm. Scented beautifully, this balm soothes and strengthens joints.
  2. 7 Herb Energy. Unlike most energy supplements, this product does not have any stimulants. It simply supports the adrenals and helps with fatigue.
  3. Men’s Support. This tablet supports many aspects of a male’s health (the reproductive tract, sexual health, energy and stamina).

Photo: Unsplash.com