The Ayurvedic approach to food is a little different. It is not that one food is good for us or one food is bad for us. Foods have different qualities and affect people differently. So knowing yourself and your body and mind can help determine which foods are best for you.

Get to know your food. Get to know yourself.

How to do that?

Take a Dosha Quiz.
Find out your prakruti, your constitution at birth, your make-up.
And then find out if your constitution is out of balance.
Go see an Ayurvedic Practitioner.
Observe yourself.

Check out an Ayurvedic Food Chart and follow the general guidelines for your constitution.
Be aware of how foods affect you.

Watch and see.

It is quite remarkable how utilizing Ayurvedic principles can bring the body and mind back into balance. Something as seemingly simple as our diets can affect our whole physiology. So find out your constitution and learn what foods are best for you and which ones you should avoid. You may experience greater wholeness and discover new aspects of yourself.

— Jen Eddinger, creator of AyurvedaNextDoor