Recipe Cards

This download includes 4 recipes beautifully formatted on two 8 1/2 x 11 pages. Simply print, cut to size and enjoy!

1. Vishama Agni Tea Blend
2. Mandagni Tea Blend
3. Tikshna Agni Tea Blend
4. Adena Rose’s Kitchari

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‘Nityam Hithaharam’ Print-Out

Let the Sanskrit text nityam hithaharam inspire you to make the right choices. Originating in the ancient ashtangahridayam text, nityam hithaharam and the accompanying translation by Pamela Quinn lists Ayurvedic and yogic practices for right living.

Print onto cream colored card stock and frame to make it last.

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Herb Charts

The chief herbs for agni are fennel, ginger and coriander. These 3 individual herb charts describe their character, action, main uses and precautions. Formatted onto 3 pages. Print, cut to size and enjoy.

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