On February 26th, the new Moon takes place in Aquarius at 07:59 am MST with the annual solar eclipse and four planets transiting the medicine star, Satabisha. Amavasya is the empty Moon or new Moon, ripe with potential, fertility and possibility. It is always connected to Pitr, the god of the ancestors, particularly the father’s lineage.

Months of provocative themes have been emerging around the masculine, father, patriarchy and misogyny. Months of confrontation with power, strength, empowerment and the inner authority have emerged in brutal, challenging ways.

Inner conflicts have intensified with the masculine and feminine. These themes have shown up in relationship dynamics, losses, pains and struggles, and with inner and outer needs.

A new balance is arriving, but not without painful restructuring.

As the annual Solar eclipse coincides with this Amavasya, new Moon, a breaking free, a certain release, is awakened with the masculine. Sun is the expression of all things masculine, father and authority. With the conjunction of Sun and Ketu at this time, a powerful restructuring is taking place with the tail of the serpent.

Don’t resist the changes occurring within you and around you. Don’t deny the transformations taking place within you and within your relationships. There’s no turning back.

What are you letting go of within your personal mythology? With the masculine, father, men and relationships? What stories with the inner authority are finding their release right now?

Satabisha is considered the ‘star of a hundred medicines’ and is ruled by both Rahu and Varuna who has thousands of eyes. His many eyes see everything, often intensifying the critic and its gaze. This can be helpful for the healing process, as nothing is missed. However the scrutiny is particularly painful.

Use this time to notice your inner critic and its messages. What stories are emerging that keep you in lack, pain and struggle? What battles are you fighting with not feeling ‘enough’? How is this story of lack, scarcity and feeling unworthy of love keeping you malnourished and disempowered?

Lean in and listen, then lean in again. There are important pieces of wisdom arriving right now. Once the eclipse portal closes, the shadow of deep awareness will dissipate, leaving you in the dark once again.

It may feel painful to look more closely at your challenges, but without truly honoring your hardships and inner darkness, you will not be able to awaken the light and transform your suffering. Use this time wisely.

The annual solar eclipse begins at 05:10 am MST, peaks at 07:58 am MST and completes at 10:35 am MST.

This solar eclipse marks the close of the eclipse portal, a cycle that has forced a certain confrontation of inner shadows. As the portal closes, a very old chapter also finds closure, release and ending.

The eclipse will not be visible from North America, but South/West Africa, much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica will receive the shadow. Nonetheless in the Vedic tradition, it is never advised to be outside during the eclipse. It is considered a time to meditate, fast, clarify, purify and purge the shadow.

Use your Sunday morning for spiritual practices that move you closer to silence, inner listening and your wisdom within. Clarify intentions for the coming cycle as we near the fertility of Holi and Navaratri.

What seeds are you planting? What do you wish to take root in the coming months? Attend to your garden now and pull out the weeds.

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